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Temp L D’or botanical perfumery

TempLDor_Botanical_Perfume_30ml_brochure‘Temp L D’or’ is an adaptation of the French words for ‘Golden Temple’.

This name was chosen by Kim ‘Ohlara’ to represent her new perfumery range of products, developed to be used in daily self care rituals to support the sacred ‘Golden Temple’ within and assist balance of body, emotions mind and spirit.

For over 25 years Kim ‘Ohlara’ has worked as a healer and alchemist, from studies as a naturopath, herbalist, medical intuitive, masseuse, psychotherapist, psychic and spiritual healer and spiritual teacher to many.

Her alchemical formulations created from pure, wildcrafted and organic botanical ingredients have been produced for both her Australian, international clients and used exclusively in ‘Avoca Bouddi’ and ‘Pure Balance’ spiritual health spa for over 15 years.

Kim has now made her products available to specialized energetic healers, boutique salons, health spas and speciality gift and fashion stores.

Her main inspiration and guidance is from her connections to the Angels and light beings, God, her own life experiences and nature. Kim’s earliest remembrance of creating potions was at 8 years old when her parents gave her a chemistry set one Christmas.

What are true perfumes?

The word perfume is a derivation of the Latin “per fumum”, which means through smoke. This indicates that perfumes were originally used as incense in temples in ancient times to attract the gods and help achieve meditative states. Scents and natural perfumes have been around as long  as humanity and have been used to deeply affect our psyche.

A true perfume is a complex combination of scents. When worn it combines with your personal odor to become a unique fragrance.

Ancient Perfumery

Ancient perfumery is also known as ‘natural perfumery,’ and is a luxury these days.

Most people think perfumery comes from France or Europe, the truth is, that perfumery began in Egypt, Arabia, and India thousands of years ago.

The ancient perfumers were educated in their art often called alchemists and held much knowledge of natural and herbal lore along with a deep spiritual connection to their gods.

Special rites and rituals were conducted in temples by priests and priestesses who were trained and held the wisdom of healing and spiritual arts in their community.

Perfumery was a truly sacred process and its art form has been kept secret and sacred for a select few who have been gifted with evolved sensory perception.


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