Your Personal Transformation

Many of you are opening into, moving through or beginning to come out the other end of a deep transformational journey.

If you are happy where you are now then that is where you are meant to be at this time. Take time to rest before the many more changes begin in the coming months and the lead up to 12:12 this year.

What the Elohim Say..

As I ask the Platinum Elohim to be more specific I am shown that we will have much more joy available to us.  The main message as this time is to understand the abundance that we already have in our life and know that this is there for all.

A Time for Gratitude and Gifts

This is a time to be deeply grateful of what we have, not only in the physical sense, but the gifts which each one brings forth from within. Each being is here to learn to use the gifts that they were born with and this has often been a challenge for many.

One of the many reasons for changes in the economy is because we have needed to go within and discover that which is within oneself and learn to honor our own personal gifts.

This is happening on a global level and each being is waking up a little at a time. Once you awaken to your gifts (become Enlightened) you are then being asked to listen to your inner guidance so you can begin to share these gifts with others. Be open to receive your soul purpose and your gifts because they have been with you your whole life.

How Can I Recognize my Gifts?

Surrendering to the Divine Feminine to activate within will support the reconnection with your souls purpose. As the Divine Feminine awakens deeper within you may actually see that you’ve had your gifts your whole life.

There will be an inner knowing, a desire which has been felt. A desire to be all you could be but you didn’t have the courage or know what you needed to really do. May be you created a lifestyle that was stopping you from truly being you.

Your gifts will be unique unto you and can even be understood through your astrological birth patterns. You will learn that you do not need to develop your gifts you simply just have to remember them and they will be channeled or downloaded to you so can evolve to your highest potential.

Distortions in Ancestral Memory

When you were born your spirit came through on specific rays and vibrations, there are many, and the many combinations make up your rainbow body and the rainbow body of the Earth Mother.

In many people there are still unconscious areas within the rainbow body, which have yet to be activated, remembered and  integrated into ones consciousness. These areas can be seen as breaks in chakra DNA memory. These appear because one’s soul light may need to a remember past life, or life lesson to evolve more fully.

Ones ancestral distortions and lessons have to do with ones ancestral light stream and will reflect any limitations placed or held within the stream of light.

Restrictions as Support

Those who have strong bodies and constitutions may tend to experience restrictions by the new energy influxes. This is because the cells tend to be more fixed or dense then those who are not as physically strong or present, and higher light frequency finds  it difficult to enter the cellular matrix to trigger transformation and heart opening.

If one is affected by this you are guided to bath regularly (see spirit detox bath) to realign and soften the auric imprint of that which is held too tight.

Those that have had a fragmented or weakened constitution will tend to accept the new light frequencies much easier and will have less problem with the fuller integration of the new energies coming forth.

We ask you to be aware of your own individual characters and personality and be mindful of those you meet, suggesting or gifting a simple bath can have trans-formative effects for some.

Some of you at this time understand the influx and energy imprints more then others and are much more able to hold the energies for larger groups within your family or communities.

With the new burst of energies arriving over the next couple of weeks these will tend to affect the consciousness of many.  You may find yourself asking,  “how willing am I to move forward in my world to bring forth my gifts”, and “how willing am I to take action to help those in need when I see they need help.

This will create challenges for many as once again you are being asked to emerge fully in your truth and not to succumb to the energies of repression or control  which is the projection and mass consciousness of many.

At this time we ask you to remember your truth and your essence, and that fear is the energy that keeps you from your truth and birth right.

Whether you have come forth with an active 1 or 2, 3 or 5 ray level of consciousnesses does not matter, what is essential is that you are moving forward in your truth, this will propel you in your best direction.  Without sight of an end, flow with your new experiences and trust that all is in order and all is meant to be.

If you are in your TRUTH. Know in your heart you are where you are meant to be.

Connect to your heart center each day to remind yourself that you are where you are meant to be. Slow down feel, watch, know and learn to trust your truth and heart.

We the Platinum Elohim are here for your needs and we ask that you call and work with us to help you understand your personal evolution and that of the earth mother at this time.


Ohlara Amohba Taja
Messenger of the Platinum Elohim

(aka Kim Lansdowne-Walker)

Ohlara is available for Soul Purpose Readings, Lightbody Healing sessions and teaches Lemurian DNA Angelic Healing ‘Platinum Alchemy’ a messenger of the Arcturian Council of Light.

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