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'EMRs' could be damaging & affecting your Livelihood !

Learn my Divine Feminine approaches for highly sensitive people to


Living in a high tech world with EMRs and the introduction of 5G is showing to have challenges for nature and humans. Creating much confusion & exhaustion. I predict this will be the driving force creating a new health crisis & health epidemic in our coming years.

How do I know this?

I've just spent 6 months researching my own health concerns which have been very enlightening & connected to EMF sensitivity.

If you've been experiencing increased

In this 'live' program I am going to share why

  • Anxiety & Nervousness
  • Confusion & Depression
  • Panic Extreme Emotions
  • Exhaustion, Listless or Lost Joy
  • Difficult to diagnose symptoms
  • Fearful thoughts
  • Difficulty maintaining life balance
  • Hot flashes

the divine feminine can support you to...


Through active meditation and conscious body processes I teach you how to connect to the joy within your body to reclaim yourself.


Through progressive connection practices & meditation I will guide you to awaken the divine feminine power within you to deeply support your awakening & emerging self.


Through time each conscious enjoyable practice is embodied deeply , to providing deeper life pleasure, fulfilment & personal protection - we will work with secret & ancient healing tools plus learn about plant medicine, foods & minerals.


Each Divine feminine practice & tool teaches you how to empower yourself and unlock your power from within increasing the confidence to move through life with grace, gratitude, appreciation & flow.


Each session you will transform into a higher version of yourself, claiming your divine feminine birth right and rapidly increasing your frequency to support yourself expand into the new world with confidence, peace, grace & flow.


Each session you will learn how to deeply nourish yourself from the inside out to live a life fully embodied, protected & empowered with your new perception of your divine feminine soul essence.

how we will play

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Who is this for?

  • Women of all ages who are curiously ready to step into their divine feminine power and wish to live a life of their dreams. 
  • Women who want to have the confidence & energy to follow their inner wisdom & step into their dreams, ready to let go of daily stress creating exhaustion and confusion. 
  • Women who want to learn to manifest through connecting to joy as they learn to create their new world. 
  • Women who want to connect with like minded women through spiritual wisdom wise women tradition & practice. 
  • Women who want to connect to their creation power to live a dream life. and connected to their authentic self which provides deep inner peace.
  • Women who are ready to learn how  to live in a high tech world and want to learn how & why a high tech life can deeply support and nourish them and their loved ones if they are ready to step into a new world. 

How long is the program?

3 x 2.5hr sessions

What is the cost?

$60 a session

where are classes held?

Classes are intimate groups of no more then 8 participants  held at Avoca Beach, in my healing studio. Full details are available on registration booking. 

on-line community classes coming soon

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Enlightenment is not just one state

There are many paths to enlightenment and I believe it is obtainable in every moment if we remember, how to know, how to listen and how to nurture. These 3 principles of divine feminine platinum alchemy provide the keys to step fully into our power in the most beautiful gentle and experiential way.

The divine feminine has suffered through repression over time and women have forgotten the true path of enlightenment as living in the body each ONE moment in time.

Gently and supportive we connect together our divine feminine essence to move toward enlightenment the divine feminine way.

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