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Welcome to Pure Balance

Hi I’m Kim, 57 years old, have 2 grown children and live with my partner and cat at Avoca Beach, NSW Australia. Some people call me ‘Ohlara’, this is a part of my spiritual name.

It’s great that you have dropped by to visit me.

How I can help you

I offer a range of services from specialized healing products to bespoke perfumery, Platinum Alchemy practitioner training and private reading or healing programs.

Whatever you’re looking for I know how hard it is to find the right healer, teacher or product when there is so much to choose from, it can be very confusing. I even have difficulty at times, and I have been working in the natural health industry since 1986.

There is so much information on the internet and it is just so confusing at times. Then when your light’s burnt out, or your connection dim, it is so easy to feel confused, so the last thing you need is to be is stuck in your mind and ungrounded, it is only going to make things worse.

So let me help you to see if we could be a good match..

Being a good match actually depends on where you are in your personal life, spiritual, awakening or transformational journey at this point, not next week, not yesterday, but right NOW.

I also know that it is important to know where you want to be, and how you want to get there. You may be ready for the type of services and products I offer or you may not. How will you really know?

There are a few ways you can do this,

1. Let me help you with my medical intuitive skills to start.

  • I can take a quick look at your energy and chakra system and see if you are ready for Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, if not, you may need to start with some specialized energy medicines to gain some essential clarity for yourself, this is often necessary when my clients begin to see me and during their healing-awakening-transformational journey. That is why I have developed 100’s of specialized products to support the various stages of your personal healing and evolutionary awakening.
  • If you would like to test run my medical intuitive skills to see if we are a match, simply shoot me an email here , tell me what you are looking to achieve and I will get back to you to let you know how we could best work together.

2. Read more about me and my story … the long version

  • Sometimes you simply need to know more and I’m happy to share more with you. Below I have given you more detail about who I am and how I have come to be where I am today.
  • TIP: as you read my story, pay attention to your body, your heart and any emotional reactions or thoughts you may have.
  • Deep inside of you, your subconscious and superconscious know exactly what you need if you are to learn, change, heal or transform. So listen to your body, does my story resonate with you or not? If it does please contact me via email and tell me a little about you and why you would like me to work with you or to help you. We can simply go from there.
Here are some testimonials if you like to look in this direction  (this will take you to my personal website, you can come back here when you’re ready)

My Story Why I Do What I Do…

This is really long so I understand if your choose not to read it

From being birthed into this world the first 7 years of my life were laced with feelings of fear, abandonment, confusion, emotional charges, and abuse of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. This abuse did not come from my parents but from teachers, health professionals, relatives and spiritual authorities. The effect on me was to shut down my verbal communication with people, and I tended to live in my own worlds a lot of the time. I had a few childhood medical things wrong and song strong allergic reactions plus surgeries. My mother says I had a normal childhood, but, What is normal? How do we compare normal? I could tell you exactly how the old Sydney Children’s Hospital was laid out and exactly how the underground dispensary smelt. I spent a lot of time there.

To cut things short I was an empath, could feel, see and experience others feelings and thoughts. A pretty scaring thing as a small child to experience with no one around to understand you. When I was a teenager my mother was very protective of me and would not let me go out so regularly with my friends so I learnt to lie really well.  As a teenager I guess I was a little rebellious and got into trouble, this left a huge guilty holes in my aura, so things went from bad to worse until I decided to travel overseas with a friend, then, things became disastrous for me. Until then I left school at 16, I went on to tafe and studied Land and Engineering Survey Drafting, then on to study Nursing.

My Near Death and Meeting Light Beings

On completion of Nursing in 1980, I travelled to England and Europe on a Contiki tour (the wild party on a bus trip). Just three weeks into the trip we were heading to Greece and stopped at the Greek Island of Corfu. At 19 years old this was the change which sent me into a new direction and where I nearly lost my life. I was a pillion passenger on a moped and we had an unfortunate accident with a bus. I was transported to a small Greek village hospital, stuck in a place I could speak the language, and had to wait 10 days before I was airlifted to London. During this time, I contracted gas gangrene, and my life was hanging on a thread. In London I underwent many debridement surgeries and skin grafting to save my leg. I got blood clots in both legs and into my lower abdomen which are still there today, plus had renal failure. The sad thing is that I thought I was a really bad person and was being punished to take on the pain of the world when this happened to me.  (I wonder where that came from).

In London I had a near death and met the 12 light beings (Elohim) that have guided and direct my healing work over 36 years. They told me that they would help me heal rapidly and they would give me special work to do at a later time.

That’s exactly what they did, my body rapidly healed so I could return home and they have since guided my next steps from that time. They have been with me ever since, always in a way that I was able to connect and work with them and even sometimes through a messengers that came into my life because I was not connected enough for myself.

Life Continues, Disappointments Turn Into Gifts

So once all this was over I worked 2 jobs to save money and go on another holiday. I came back home after 18 months travel and continued Nursing, moved into Psychiatric Nursing. I have a soft spot of mental health as it has run through my mother’s side of the family and I used to visit my Nan in Gladesville hospital as a kid, always fascinated by the people there. I clearly didn’t fit into this system and spoke up about a few things which weren’t appreciated and was sent walking. I was deeply devastated at the time, but so glad that happened.

Early in my twenties, I had a lot of fun and experienced many altered states. This took its toll on my body and I had to go into major healing mode. Visits to Doctors and test after test Doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong, but I knew otherwise. I was rapidly losing weight, had diarrhea, lethargy, total exhaustion and anxiety, I thought I was dying again. At this time I was working as a counsellor and met a client who gave me a contact to a naturopath-herbalist and colonic clinic, apparently they helped her friend with a cancer cure.

My Introduction to Raw Foods and Natural Therapies

Never before had I been exposed to this type of healing, (apart from helping my mum grind dried fruits and grains to make our year supply of muesli and visits to the health food shop to buy honey and peanut butter). I walked into the clinic and loved and was intrigued by the smell of all those earthy herbal medicines. I followed the advice given with the greatest discipline and within 6 weeks on raw juices, taking herbal medicines from 4 bottles of herbal extracts a day plus colonics, this amazing healer had revived my health.

I continued the strict eating, juicing, herbal regime and added full body relaxation which was lovingly guided by my lifetime partner. I also went to a couple of group rebirthing sessions in Sydney which freaked me out, so I did not finished that whole program. I remember wanting to learn about Meditation, but was too embarrassed to buy the book on Meditation I wanted. This was Ian Gawler’s first book on Meditation and how to treat and cure cancer.

I was still so shut down on many levels I could not even buy a book that might save my life. Part of me thought I was incompetent and useless if I asked for help. (Mmm I wonder where that came from). I also remember being so embarrassed about the scars and disfigured leg I was left with from the motor bike accident. My mum and aunts used to say it’s ok you’re lucky, you can wear long shorts and long dresses, no one can see it. Trying to make me feel better this made me more self conscious than ever, I was not perfect in their eyes and most definitely not mine. I hated myself even more and kept ignoring the fact that anything had ever happened.

My personal self healing journey taught me so much about how the body can transform and heal in such a short time if we apply personal discipline. I was only 23 at the time and was challenged to heal, body, emotions, mind and soul. How grateful was I, divinely directed to all the right people who could help me at the level I was at.

Personal Healing Opens A New Career Path

As I become stronger in the mid 80’s I enrolled in Remedial Massage, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, this lead into my career as a healer, I further studied Energy Healing, Spiritual healing and Mind body healing via Crystal Healing, Psychophysical Healing, Psychic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Eastern Hypnotherapy, Esoteric Sciences, Advanced Psychic Healing (Astrological Healing), Magic and NLP. I also became a trance channel in the early 90’s and learnt about everything metaphysical and esoteric I could get my hands on. I even remember during 1989, sitting on an uncomfortable stool every morning for 60 minutes for 12 months to train myself in concentration, this is true meditation.

Even though I was advised never have had children I had two, the second was a pain free birth. I give credit to the disciplined healing process I completed and raw natural health regime I followed plus my training in many healing arts.

Healing Skills Tested, Light Beings Return

My father was the 1st man in Australia to have a single lung transplant and this was an amazing journey for me and my family, through post operative support and during his time in palliation I learnt how powerful my healing skills really were.

During 1995 I studied Geology for two years and this is when the magic really began. On waking one morning I received an activation of a turquoise blue light, it landed in the center of my brain and opened up throughout my whole body. From this time and ongoing periodically I received information, diagrams and formulas where I was shown what to do how to make many energy medicines. Yes, you know who had returned, these initial communications were through Ascended Masters Kuthumi, Quin Yin and Thoth, this level of my development was used to bring through the information they wished me to create for them. At the time I was told I was developing and creating a new way of healing for humanity and it had its foundations in Lemuria.

Over a period of 2 years I made the energy medicines and began to use them on all my clients from here on. I was guided to measure the chakra system, record and observe the changes that occurred between client visits, so I did and I was never short of being amazed. My clients were making great progress with their treatment, I was guided to only see them monthly as they began to self care and use the energy medicines at home for themselves. During this period of development I was told to call this healing system ‘Platinum Alchemy.’

Energies Are Turned Up, With Confirmation After Confirmation

During the Spring Equinox of 1999, an energy called the Platinum Ray came our group where I was teaching students channelling techniques. At this time each person was given specific ways to begin working with the Platinum Ray. We were told the Platinum Ray came through Iceland from the source, it was the ancient Divine Feminine Energy used for the creation of humanity, and it was held by sentient beings in the earth until humans were at a high enough vibration to work with it.

Whilst trance channelling I received a vision, the face of the Divine Feminine Platinum Ray Goddess, (I call her MuTuHu, this is the name she gave me) I was shown her moving around the earth. A spiritual artist from Iceland further confirmed my vision and sent me a detailed picture she draw at this same time the energy came to us. She called it green eyes ‘Lemuria’. This was hard to swallow but confirmation after confirmation came surrounding this energy and I was approached by well known spiritual teachers at the time asking it they could have permission to use this in their work. Of course I said yes.

So from this point in 1999, much work was completed using these Divine Feminine Platinum Ray Energies and the Platinum Alchemy Healing System continued to develop. New and exciting information was received from my spiritual teachers and channels which added more pieces to the Platinum Alchemy Healing System. People turned up with books saying they were guided to buy the book and give it to me, the Energy Medicines were further developed, created and the system was refined, it was truly exciting.

Platinum Alchemy Goes Into The Spa Setting

From this point I was guided to integrate Platinum Alchemy into a health spa environment, the Light beings wanted people to experience the Energy Medicines with truly nurturing treatments. Pure Balance became the health spa name, detoxification treatments were developed using the Crystal Detox Minerals, and the crystalline Temp L D’or skincare range was developed for facials, body wraps, weight loss, cellulite reduction, around 100 treatments were developed and given Mayan names to coincide with the Lemurian core.

Sharing Platinum Alchemy

During 2003, I started practitioner trainings, and retreats and took Platinum Alchemy to festivals like Body, Mind & Spirit. Worked extremely hard and to the point of not maintaining my own personal balance, I guess I became the martyr, I was working for a cause. So in 2008 things really changed for me, my body started to break down, an old scar on my leg I had, opened and would not heal. I gave myself a hair analysis and discovered I had heavy metal Lead toxicity as high as it could go.

Here We Go Again Healing and Personal Transformation

It was time to pay attention to myself once again, so I booked into a health retreat went on a juice fast and did what I knew would heal me from a Naturopathic-Herbal-Ayurveda viewpoint. This time it just would not work, the more I detoxed healing did not occur. I had days of feeling like something was crawling under my skin, physically I had red lines that would come up and then disappear within a few hours. Over 4 months I had no relief, the ulcerated wound was not healing and I thought I was going to go insane. I could hardly work, was going into deep financial debt, not able to see many clients, my health was really fragile, I used to do my best to put on my happy face. But depression was taking over me. During this time I was 48 and just found out I had been sexually abused from the age of 3, I decided I was not going to be a victim I decided to simply work through each area. I was feeling devastated, exhausted and needed a solution.

I was guided to see a Holistic Doctor in Queensland after seeking more help, and flew to Queensland for a week to have treatment. This Doc was using a new technology which worked as an antioxidant for the whole body and rejuvenated cells, it added electrons into the body. I found out the reason my body would not heal is because my lifeforce was so low. Maybe if I did nothing and rested for 12 months I would heal, but I really needed a breakthrough there was no option I was beside myself. (I had to get the thing out of my body that was trying to boot me out). I had such a breakthrough with this technology, my body was rejuvenated at the cellular level each time I used it. It took me 6 months of continual treatment to rejuvenate myself enough to be able to begin work properly. I was so impressed with this technology I purchased it and became a Bodihealth certified practitioner.

Essential Therapy for Healers

The depression I had lifted somewhat after using the bodihealth as inflammation in my body got better and I started to pick up. During this time I remained in contact with a doctor, they were concerned with my extra weight, nothing would move it and I was having perimenopause symptoms, so she asked if I wouldn’t mind going to have counselling, I went to a compassionate counsellor monthly for 18 months and this did help a lot.

Everyone needs an outlet to be heard and this is essential for healers and anyone working with the public (that’s probably everyone!!).

What Was Happening To My Biology May Be Happening To Yours

Early in 2000, I was given information on the biological changes that occur as the physical body undergoes transformation to return to crystalline conscious and light.  Not thinking of this initially but on hindsight, energetically my cells were undergoing this crystalline transformation (detoxification), along with increases in consciousness (the low vibrational memories were being released as the cells began to transform). I believe this is why inflammation is occurring in so many more people now, the quicker you are shifting frequency the faster inflammation occurs. The changes and influxes to the Earth’s energies were activating my cells, if they were blocked they had to release so this basically means some form of illness or dis-ease (wherever cells were most out of balance).  As my cells were dumping old memory and ancestral patterning they were struggling to work on many levels. I was overcome by many things and was shown that this is the evolutionary process that is occurring to many, especially empaths at this time.

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System, Pure Balance products and Energy Medicines were created to support these changes in a supportive nurturing natural way. Especially for those awakening and sensitive to the changes affecting the Earth from Solar Flares, Planetary Alignments, Chemtrails and the Massive Pollution that is being dumped in the earth through unconscious acts of abuse on all beings.

Platinum Alchemy Healing system is a medical intuitive healing system which shows exactly where your light is blocked and the organs and cells which are undergoing transformation. It provides healing support with specialized nurturing treatments, spiritual based psychotherapy and a home care system which continues to detoxify cells and assist the integration of higher frequencies to support increases in light consciousness.

I find that if clients are in good health and they begin to work with me it is of course a lot easier than if they come with complex health conditions. In having any condition or imbalance you must be personally committed to heal and transform your life, if you are, you will see so many benefits and free yourself from darkness.

I work with clients not only on a physical level but essentially on the subtle energy levels 1st. Depending on one’s personal needs after a personal consultation and creation of a healing program. Platinum Alchemy is a multidimensional detoxification healing system which works rapidly to clear out the darkness and allow your soul’s truth and light return into your life and body.

Platinum Alchemy Healing is directional and works

  • from above downwards – so you learn about your connection to soul
  • from inside to outwards – uncovers deeply held emotions that block your lifeforce, mental adjustments occur then things start to flow your way.
  • from more important to less important – the area of most damage becomes addressed first for essential healing
  • from most recent to more distant unresolved problems – that which is most conscious is addressed, then deeper blocks can be accessed and transformed.

This is why sometimes you feel that you are going over the same things again and again as they emerge to be healed, like a healing crisis your cells hold memory and can take a lifetime for the memory to be fully transmuted. Platinum Alchemy homecare provides a system of self care which can be used as a stand alone system (full homecare kit) once you learn how to use it, or with the guidance and support of a compassionate healer in a personalised healing path program.

Through the years of my own healing and that of helping others, I hope I can offer you some value from the wisdom I have received from my own healing and guidance from the Light Beings.

These days I work on taking the time to really care for myself and this is absolutely essential to move toward Pure Balance, it’s what my life purpose is, to transcend Self Love and Forgiveness. The more I love and care for myself the more I can love and care for those around me. Gratitude and compassion are my core life values and I have had to learn them and still continue to do so.  Because my natural tendency is to care for others before myself, this a core life lesson I have, to find balance in the giving and  the receiving.

Thank you for reading this far, if this resonates with you and you would like to contact me for product information, training, or healing you know what to do.  Email me here


Kim Lansdowne-Walker ‘aka Ohlara’


  • Medical intuitive, Healer, Coach, Trainer, Perfumer, Writer
  • CEO and founder of Pure Balance®
  • PureBalance® Academy of Light
  • Product developer of PureBalance® product ranges including Temp L D’or botanical perfumes, skin and body care, Crystal Detox, Chakra Evolution, Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines.
  • Creator of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system and Chakra Evolution Healing and Yoga

Her healing-coaching and training programs focus on personal evolution ‘ascension’. Elevating consciousness and returning to love.  As an energetic healing master, she develops spiritual and personal development programs for those looking for deeper life meaning, targeted healing and soul direction, often connected to a spiritual or health crisis.

Kim offers private consultation, counsel and her healing services  Avoca Beach NSW Australia

Kim offers training in spiritual counselling, advanced forms of energetic bodywork, platinum alchemy massage, spa energetic healing systems, shamanic practice, psychotherapy, medical intuition, cellular rejuvenation and detoxification, supporting personal evolution to increase light consciousness.  

She has developed a new integrated evolutionary model of holistic care for emotions,  mind, body and spirit called Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing.

Her unique connection to the spirit world has been experienced from childhood. Then reawakened from a near death experience at 19yrs of age, in 1980 which connected her to a lifetime of guidance from Angelic Light Beings who continue to guide her healing, workshops and training sessions.

Kim’s is located at Avoca Beach, NSW Australia, her client base reaches worldwide due to her specialized intuitive gifts and unique evolutionary information she shares.

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