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Pure Balance Platinum Alchemy Philosophy & Mission

Kim ‘Ohlara’ originally met the Platinum Alchemy Platinum Elohim – creation light beings of, healing, love and light in 1980 during a near death experience. They assisted her to heal rapidly from a motorbike accident on the Island of Corfu. They then returned into her life as promised, in 1996 to begin delivering detailed information surrounding a new energetic healing system called ‘Platinum Alchemy’. Kim has been ambassador supporting the awakening and healing they wish to share with our world.

Kim has developed the many PureBalance® and Platinum Alchemy products and services based on their mission to support all beings rapidly evolve and support our shift in consciousness to love and light.

Platinum Alchemy Platinum Elohim

Creation light beings of, Healing, Evolution, Love and light – Their Mission

  • Lift you into a new awareness of peace love and enlightenment.
  • Show you the opportunity to awaken fully into your source presence and move out of the drama and karma affecting you over much of earth’s history, which prevents you from reaching your fullest potential.
  • Assist you to move away from fear based and astral karmic controls.
  • Offer a system of self enlightenment and self awakening which works rapidly and supports a deep self nurturing experiences.
  • Provide a protective energy matrix surrounding you so you feel less sensitive to the changes occurring on the planet.
  • Offers tools of transformation to you to support entry through doorways of awakening and enlightenment.
  • Open and activate your personal path to 12th dimensional Platinum light energy using tools that clear the chakras to allow more light to shine forth from your source.
  • Learning about the Platinum Elohim light beings as they have come to assist in the process by supporting and awakening of the governance of the Galactic core, opening the portals to your 12th dimensional self.
  • Create and provide tools that support opening into the realms of light and connection to Platinum Angelic Light beings ready to help you.
  • Bring you to a place of non-conditional love, passion and light, supporting your desire to transform yourself to embrace the new world and move towards deeper love and peace.
  • Provide a step-by-step process, which returns consciousness to love and works with current modalities to quicken and deepen the clearing and healing process for humanity.
  • Provide you with products, services and training that shall have minimal environmental impact on the earth mother and all beings with the aim to ultimately support the earth mother and all beings transcend to higher states of aliveness, consciousness, living in love and light of source creation.

Received Ohlara Amohba Taja aka Kim Lansdowne-Walker ( V5. 10|10|17)


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