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with Kim Lansdowne-Walker

 aka Ohlara Omohba Taja Suetit

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, is an advanced ascension healing system developed by Kim Lansdowne-Walker ‘which supports  the various stages of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and healing dis-ease through detoxification of the chakra system, DNA and cellular memory, to support full soul light conscious integration and personal energy expansion.

Supporting the planetary lightworkers and new energy healers.

Platinum Alchemy is a 12th dimensional frequency healing and ascension light body model supporting human evolution through the transformation of consciousness to Love and light with Platinum Ray Alchemy.

A multimodality approach is used to obtain desired results, working from the Platinum Alchemy medical intuitive and light conscious delineation model which creates a personalized path to healing, ascension, awakening and personal enlightenment.

Platinum Alchemy is multi-modality, advanced ascension energetic coaching and healing system, which supports the return of soul light through personal light integration and detoxification of DNA cellular ancestral memory, 33 Chakras, Archetypal energies, subtle energies and dimensions back to source. 

Through this process one consciously returns to light whilst fully grounding their soul light and the body, emotions and mind undergo deep transformation to embrace and move through to non-conditional compassion. Students are trained multi-dimensionally to work with the Platinum Ray, supporting Earth-Star alignments, on the Earth Mother, within themselves, and to facilitate a personalized PATHS, mapping the most direct and accurate path for their clients conscious return to their source star homes.

Platinum Alchemy was developed over 20 years and has been tested in Kim’s naturopathic, clinical spiritual psychological and energetic practice over this time. The system is channelled by Kim Lansdowne-Walker (aka Ohlara Amohba Taja Suetit) from Arcturian Light Beings.  Based on the original creation principles of humanity and their initial soul light integration into Lemuria, then into a physical body.

Modalities used are specific to the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system and may be seen to come from ancient forms of healing, including Ayurveda Panchakarma, Astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Psychic and Spiritual Energetic Healing, including Shamanic, Meditation, Chakras, Subtle Energies, Colour, Ray, Sound, Plant, Gem and Mind-body medicine plus more…

Each Modality is being certified with the IICT, International Institute of Complementary Therapists, this provides worldwide cover to practice as a Platinum Alchemy Transformational Coach-Healer in the countries listed on their website.

Platinum Alchemy Healing is pure alchemy and follows these simple laws of alchemical direction, working…

  • from above downwards – teaching you about your connection to soul.
  • from inside to outwards – releases deeply held beliefs and emotions that block your lifeforce, and prevent full healing, once lifeforce is returned mental adjustments occur then things start to flow your way.
  • from more important to less important – the area of most damage becomes addressed first for essential healing, if it is physical support you need we start here with strategies for Detoxification, using lifestyle changes Herbal Plant Medicine, Nutritional supplementation and Energy Medicines.
  • from most recent to more distant unresolved problems – that which is most conscious is addressed, once balanced, deeper blocks are accessed and transformed as you work along your personalized evolutionary path towards balance.

Platinum Alchemy Healing philosophy draws from Ayurveda, Toltec, Kabala, TCM, Lemurian, Psycho-physical, Bodywork Massage, Shamanic, Angelic, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Regression, Gestalt, Crystal, Sound, Naturopathic and Aromatherapy.

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Our Mission & Philosophy  

Pure Balance programs and courses delivered by ‘Ohlara’ Kim Lansdowne-Walker are being accredited with the IICT International Institute of Complementary Therapists. As each program is offered it undergos the IICT accreditation system.

This supports the new energy healers and dedicated lightworkers to bring their healing skills and talents to the public.

I am  very proud to have this association with the IICT and to be able to offer Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, accreditation both Nationally and Internationally.

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing is a channelled healing system in co creation with Light beings from Arcturus which Kim Lansdowne-Walker met in a near death experience in 1980, They have gifted Kim with information to support the evolution of consciousness of humanity and support the return to love and light using the purification and divine feminine creative energy of the Platinum Ray. Platinum Alchemy works to clear that which keeps you in darkness using gentle nurturing and self care practices and the support of your Platinum Alchemy Coach or Healer.

Multimodality energetic healing techniques clear complex issues from physical to spiritual levels of  being. Working with a Platinum Alchemy Healer-Coach you are supported to go to the depths of your being and reclaim your birthright as a sovereign being of love and light, allowing you to evolve to your highest potential.

In its simplest form, Platinum Alchemy works as a detoxification system to facilitate the fuller integration of your source soul light and clear cellular and collective memory blocking your personal connection to your source light. It is accompanied with supportive energy medicines and light tools used in treatments, at home  between treatments with DIY energetic self care to support the transformation of cellular biology into crystalline biology and crystalline light consciousness.

Platinum Alchemy follows the idea that health is a result of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony, which must exist between all levels of your being.

To exist in joy and peace you must also have joyful and peaceful thoughts. If thoughts are based on fear, emotional reactions to life will become imbalanced. Once imbalance occurs your personal truth is lost, your life force becomes blocked and the physical body can manifest dis-ease as “a calling” for you to “wake up” and change.

Physical symptoms and emotional symptoms are seen as positive experiences to enable you to have a greater awareness of yourself and life experience. We consider this a ‘blessing’ and an opportunity for inner transformation ‘Alchemy’. Transformation occurs through understanding and acting on your personal truth, when one does so, true freedom can be obtained liberating the body, emotions, mind and soul from dis-ease. Understanding of self through integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life leads to Joy, Love, Peace, and true Freedom.

All modalities and product transformation systems integrate the Platinum Alchemy philosophy.

Platinum Alchemy is a multi-modality ascension, energetic coaching and healing system which supports the return of soul light through personal light integration and detoxification of DNA cellular and ancestral memory, 33 Chakras, Archetypal energies, subtle energies and dimensions.

Through this process one consciously returns to light and the body, emotions and mind undergo deep transformation to embrace and move through to non-conditional compassion.

The modalities used have been  developed specifically for the Platinum Alchemy system.  A variety of modalities may be seen to come from ancient forms of healing, including Ayurveda Panchakarma, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Psychic, Spiritual Energetic Healing, including Shamanic, Meditation, Chakras, Subtle energies, Colour, Ray, Sound, Crystal, Mind-body medicine plus more…

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Lightworker Coaches and Energy Healers begin training understanding the many energy pathways through the body along with the 33 chakra model.

How to master these energies within themselves and how to channel information

Training cover 5 modules (over 5 days), which forms the foundation of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing.

2018 Platinum Alchemy Healer Training

Day 1. 

A day in silence – Stillness Retreat

How to begin working with the Platinum Ray for self care and essential space clearing. 

Day. 2

Platinum Activations 1.

Experience powerful activations to connect you to your soul light, Receive your unique, personal soul vibration and begin to understand how the biological ascension path works.

Day 3.

Crystalline conversion and personal detoxification.

During this day we look at the details of detoxification and why Clinoptilolite has been chosen as the detoxification mineral of choice to support your personal ascension.

Day 4, 5, 6. Live-in

Undergo deeper cellular and biological cellular transformation. Learn about the foundational structure of Platinum Alchemy and how you move through your personal ascension path and back to your star homes.

Includes a 10 day preparation before attending the retreat.

Foundational bodywork theory  and hands on Platinum Alchemy modalities covers, in depth study of the chakra system, the subtle energies and the axiatonal spin points of the lightbody. 

Once this is covered we begin to further development our personal energy bodies to understand space and location on the inner worlds.

Two healing modalities are taught in foundational training,

Platinum Alchemy Massage, which works to clear meridian pathways and deeply nourish and relax the body using Platinum Alchemy energy medicines and light tools.

Chakra Evolution Massage – uses specifica chakra activated oils and crystals along with crystal sound and ray healing.

Completion of all Foundational training enables you to be certified in Platinum Alchemy Foundational Energy Healing. 

The Platinum Alchemy Foundations, Bali Retreat covers all Foundation areas and prepares you for Level 1. practitioner training.

This intensive is a mix of personal detoxification, Platinum ascension activations and bodywork training.

10 days training, delivered over a 14 day retreat.

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