Botanical Vegan Artisan Perfumes by Kim Lansdowne-Walker

perfumes with purpose

cruelty free vegan

hand-made with traditional botanical perfumery techniques

Activated with love - crystals & crystal sound healing frequency

The Divine Feminine Elven Star Collection - Discover your star light

Perfumer Inspiration

The 7 pointed star (also called the Faerie or Elven Star) represents the Pleiadian Star System, also known as ‘The Seven Sisters’ named from the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. The word ‘Pleiades’ in Greek means ‘doves’.

The ‘Pleiades’ have been revered throughout antiquity and have been called the centre of the universe, the seat of immortality and home of the divine, in many cultures.

And even more ancient, our Australian aboriginal brothers and sisters honour the dream time stories of the Seven Sisters, ‘Pleiades’ through all communities commonly known as ‘Kungarangkulpa’.

These unisex pure vegan botanical perfumes are consciously hand-made to incorporate healing star and crystalline energies with earth mothers fragrant delights to connect you to Earth, Ancestor and Star Wisdom and support your awakening, soul light integration, healing and reconnection to the Divine Feminine within the user.

Hand-made with a whole lot of crystalline starry light and love

Perfumery Services

Community Perfume Classes

Create your own 100% natural botanical perfume guided by a master artisan alchemist perfumer Kim.
Learn the finer art of blending natural aromatic ingredients.
Enjoy afternoon tea or morning tea in the perfume garden.

Bespoke Skincare

Bespoke Skincare for Women & Men,
open to self nourishing luxurious rituals that
Transmute Environmental Stresses, which cause Toxicity, Anxiety, Emotional
& Hormonal Imbalances.

Bespoke Perfume

Have your own 100% natural perfume created by Kim, master artisan botanical perfumer. Includes 3 private consultations, 2-3 perfume creations to choose from, final adjustments.

Products fragranced with your signature scent

Discover how I can support you

I Invite you to have a 15 min online chat with me, where we can meet and see if my services or products are what you are looking for, whether its for  personal use, an event or product development.   

 I specialise in working with (HSP) highly sensitive people who are often experiencing chronic health or life challenges from past trauma, both conscious and unconscious. 

My products are also suited to highly sensitive conscious leaders, looking to move further along their personal path, and rapidly expand into their soul light.