Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines

What are Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines and how to use them to 'transform your consciousness to love' In its simplest form Platinum Alchemy supports the 'Transformation of Consciousness to Love', your personal spiritual ascension process. The Platinum Alchemy product ranges are a specialized energetic healing medicines which have been developed for the Golden Age to support our conscious shift into light. This range of products are truly unique and work to detoxify the many layers of your aura, DNA, cellular memory, spiritual bodies and your chakra system to support your conscious return to light. Platinum Alchemy has been developed and researched over 20 years in private clinical practice by Kim Lansdowne-Walker. It is now time to bring the Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines and homecare system to those souls ready to embrace their highest light potential. Platinum Alchemy  works with the Lemurian 12 gateway system. 12 gateways are located on each strand of DNA and for full healing and light consciousness to return through ascension all gateways will be required to be turned on. The turning on process requires multidimensional detoxification. This is how Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines work, so your soul light can shine forth. Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines are available in consultation with Platinum Alchemy Spiritual Ascension Coaches or Healers who have been trained in the 12th dimensional healing system. Working with a Platinum Alchemy Spiritual Coach using this crystalline light Lemurian healing system allows you to create a healing sanctuary in your own home as you learn how to self care for all the layers of your subtle energy system and detoxify the specific gateway blocking source light. Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicine home care kits comprise 11 products in a presentation box. They are used together over a 4 week period, to create a rapid and accelerated shift in consciousness. Crystal Detox organic Australian Zeolite baths begin the detoxification through all levels of the body, emotions, mind and spirit to enable your light to begin to return into your cells and consciousness. Platinum Alchemy Gem and Flower Essences, gently bring light to deeply held beliefs causing personal suffering, beliefs and blocked emotions are brought to the surface of your consciousness so they can be transformed into light. Platinum Alchemy Chakra Oils 'Aromatherapy and Crystal therapy' are used on specific chakras to clear, break through DNA blocks, balance the flow of energy through chakras. They are also used on specific meridian pathways and axiatonal spin points to fully clear energies blocking pathways to light conscious transformation. Platinum Alchemy Aura Clearing Mist 'Aromatherapy and Crystal therapy' is used to clear etheric mucous as it begins to leaves the layers of the aura from deeper cellular and DNA transformation. This supports the emotional and mental bodies through deep cellular DNA clearing or detoxification. Platinum Alchemy organic Naturopathic Herbal Tonic Teas provide cell nourishment through remineralization and organ support as the physical body also undergoes transformation to Crystalline at a cellular level. As each area of blocked energy is released depending upon the area undergoing healing the physical body and cells take on more light and turn into a crystalline form which is then able to hold more light. Platinum Alchemy Invocation - Each kit comes with a beautiful art card image of the ancient Lemurian Healing temples and an invocation to specific rays and light, which is facilitated through the Platinum Elohim and Ancient Lemurian Earth Mother.