Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Are EMF's & Background Radiation the
real cause to your health problems?

Hello I'm Kim ​

As a natural health practitioner for over 30yrs I am deeply concerned with the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation which we are exposed to in our day to day life.
In 2019 I learnt that the complex health conditions which I was experiencing were connected to WiFi, radiation and EMFs.
These created digestive disturbances, contributed to leaky gut and affected my cardiovascular system with high blood pressure and palpitations. I also experienced nervous system disruptions from anxiety, constant skull crushing headaches, aching teeth, metallic taste, ear aches and ringing in the ears, adrenal fatigue and a level of exhaustion which would not leave.
After attending a local Stop 5G meeting things soon became clear as I learnt that most all my symptoms were connected to low level radiation and electromagnetic sensitivity to WIFI.
Over the 18 months I have treated myself studied everything I could get my hands on and learnt how to create new health strategies which have enabled me to move forward with my health and life.


I am learning to live in a high tech world as a super sensitive person. 
I provide health support for sensitive people using tools & techniques that I know work.
I encourage you to watch this Documentary which was presented by ABC catalyst reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi who was suspended after reporting on the health effects of EMF’s, low level radiation and WiFi health risks.


This is a controversial topic  with the rollout of 5G.  If you have a chronic health condition, have children or are concerned about your health, please familiarise yourself with this documentary.
If you would like to know what you can do to protect yourself, I invite you to contact me for a discovery call and I can share more with you.


I would love to meet you and share how I can support your health with strategies that actually work. Let's get your health back.