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seed of life


I’m Kim Lansdowne-Walker, a spiritual guide, mentor, coach, psychophysical healer, hypnotherapist and medical herbalist. 

I have been in clinical practice since 1987 as a meditation facilitator and psycho-therapist combining energetic healing modalities, herbal medicine and nutrition to support people return to life Balance and maintain a positive perspective on life.

I have seen many changes over the years as a health practitioner, but none as intense as we are facing at this time of collective transformation.

The  many stresses that we are being placed under can create many unwelcome health, emotional and mental effects in our bodies, minds and spirits.

From using meditation, creative visual imagery and self hypnosis since 1982 after a near death accident which left me with chronic health conditions at 19 years, I have been able to care for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as well as develop new ways of healing using the mind working with our personal energy energy system, aura, chakras and light body.

I know to my core that meditation and spiritual yogic philosophy is a  positive healing tool for any imbalance of body-emotions-mind, and that’s why I continue to teach and use it’s many practices and processes.

I invite you to take a look around. experience some of my meditations and then connect with me for a free chat to see how we might be able to work together, and how I can help you.

seed of life

Why Meditation is important for us

COMING SOON…. Listen to my audio where I share, why meditation is important for us. How is promotes healing, awakening, spiritual evolution, joy and compassion. plus the various types of meditation that are available. I have used  meditation for myself since 1982 when I was experiencing the effects of PSTD from trauma, I share my story how it started with meditation.

In the mean time here is a podcasts on spiritual evolution which you might like to listen to.  

How Your Body is Transforming – Biological Ascension Symptoms

Lets have a chat

I would love to meet you and help you in the way that is most suitable for you. In this 15 min chat I can here what you are wanting to gain from meditation and development. This gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good match.

Click the link below to schedule a free chat with me, it will take you to my availability calendar.

Beginner Meditations

Listen to a quick beginner guided meditation for stress release

Beginner Meditations and development classes focus on training the mind in concentration, using focus, breath, and imagery. Foundation techniques are taught to enable meditators to move into experienced level classes. Weekly classes include esoteric and metaphysical teachings supporting an increase in personal.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Healing IMAGERY meditations

Listen to a healing meditation for high blood pressure

Earlier this year I was experiencing very high blood pressure. After much research and learning about the effects of EMF’s and learning that I was Electromagnetic sensitive, I was then able to create a plan of natural healing for myself which prevented me having to go on medication. 

As a medical herbalist, clinical hypnotherapist and psychophysical healer for over 30 years I also create specialised healing programs and healing imagery meditations for my clients which provide and support a drug free approach to manage many health conditions. This is currently in a private sessions are carried out on-line . 

To learn more, and see how I can help you, I invite you to book a chat with me on the link below.

comments from participants enrolled in a High Blood pressure study this year

Listen to an experienced guided healing-meditation

Experienced meditation classes are for people who have mastered their concentration and focus for a minimum of 60 minutes. This is a sample of a shorter meditation supporting personal evolution and healing. You will need to turn the volume up for this one.

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