How to wear perfume correctly

How to wear Perfume correctly – Temp L D’or Botanical Perfumes


how to ear your perfume correctly1. Prepare your body by bathing and using skincare products that have little scent or that will complement your chosen perfume, ie choose scented products that have a fragrance within your perfume.

2. Perfume is not deodorant so don’t use it  that way.  Accept your body odor and learn to work with it. Our unique body chemistry is amazingly attractive when you learn how to choose the right scents for yourself.

3. When applying your perfume use it sparingly by putting it on the areas of the skin which emit the most heat and always before you get dressed. Use perfume on crook of your elbow, the lower back, the base of your hairline, the back of your knees,  groin area at the front of the thigh – not inner thigh, on the sternum center of breast -heart.

4. Remember  less is more. Scenting etiquette suggests we keep our fragrance in our own personal space to share with those whom we are close to or intimate with. Generally invading a space with your perfume is offensive to others and shows a lack of respect.

Following these steps you will feel your body radiating a subtle glow and when others are close to you they will enjoy  it too.


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