Platinum Alchemy Flower Essences

Pure Balance® flower essences hold the vibrational energy imprints of flowers. Each flower has its own energy ‘Life Force”, which is the highest vibrational aspect of a plant. This has been transferred into purest water and stabilized further with our unique alchemical processes to create a beautiful essence to integrate you with earth and the stars, providing new levels of awareness and support a return to PureBalance.

Each individual flower holds its own alchemy through the highest connection to the earth mother, and our star homes.

Flower Essences work on the subtle energies of our energy system to awaken the mind, calm the emotions and create new pathways for energy to flow.

The flowers living light frequencies work through our chakras, meridians and axiatonal spin points, ‘activating new energy pathways and clearing congested energy pathways supporting personal ascension and transformation into light consciousness.

Flower essences are wonderful remedies to support life change and can help with limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, patterns of behaviour creating confusion, lethargy, stagnation and even depression.

Pure Balance® Flower essences are made from Australian wildflowers, wildcrafted on-site in nature. Each flower essence has been sourced from my wildcrafting ventures.

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