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Sagittarius Full Moon Process to Expand your personal Frequency

platinum alchemySagittarius Full Moon Process to Expand your personal Frequency

Shooting your Arrow for Focus, Direction and Personal Expansion

through Kim Lansdowne-Walker

As we move into the full moon tomorrow this energy has a significant effect on how and where we sit in the realms of the light consciousness which we hold within each cell of our being. This is projected via the way we act, the way we walk, the way we talk and most importantly, how we think about things.


This cellular conscious energy can flow with full awareness or in unactivated frozen crystalline light form. Both can have an amazing or overwhlming effect on ourselves and those around us, or even have desire consequences.


The reason why this is so important at this time is that the Sagittarius star archetype energy supports our new direction and helps to focus where we want to be. Even if you have no idea.


Where will you be shooting your arrow?


This current full moon is supportive of where we place our focus and where we desire our light to shine, this makes it so important to point your arrow (focus) and make sure that our focus through this full moon is as bright and shiny as the star that you really are.


The star of your inner light is much stronger than the most brightest stars that you see from with your own eyes but you need to go within to see this and believe it. This is an essential process. So with lots of energy (e-motion),  going on around the planet and much unsettlement in the minds hearts and souls of many it is  an important time to hold space for yourself during the next 48-72 hours.


We are offering this process…. for you to partake in and suggest that you spend 1 hour a day, alone, by yourself to recharge yourself or simply focus on your heart and expand it to begin opening a pathway towards  your soul star realm of light.


To do this…  

Simply breath into your heart so you connect very deeply on all levels of your heart, slow steady deep breathes will take you there until you find your center of peace. This may take some time for some, or little time for others. play some music that will support you to move into  this process and allow you to focus in your peaceful serene  heart space for 1 hour each day, choose a time that best works for your day.


Once you focus on your heart space and the serene space, let you heart expand to become a radiant star in the darkness void of your mind and energy body.  Allow yourself to fully connect and be that star – the star of your heart and then allow the space to expand over the 1 hour – this is the way you can create the focus and begin to open into the new map you are ready to move into.


Do this for  3 days in a row, today, tomorrow and then next day over this full moon. This will  direct your arrow to shoot into your star heart light which will support you over the next 13 months.


As time and the lower dimensions are rapidly collapsing we are moving in an accelerated way in personal frequency. You are creating the map from your heart, (once you have cleared your past) so there is also no expectation from you, just simply allow yourself to expand in the love that you are as a starlight being. The next steps will begin to unravel in the ONE moment, as you allow unnecessary old ways to drop away and begin to express yourself from your pure heart star light.


Enjoy this process of self  expansion and focus on your starry light.

Much Love

Kim Lansdowne-Walker (aka Ohlara Amohba Taja)

Kim is a spiritual teacher, transformation channel, medicine women and spiritual midwife. The developer of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System, a new energetic system of ascension healthcare for consciously evolving souls, leaders and change makers supporting new levels of light consciousness on earth..

Kim is available for private sessions and speaking for those ready to rapidly increase their light quotient and more fully birth their starry light into the world.  Contact Kim at [email protected]

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