Spiritual Psychic Readings & Consultations

Reading & Consultation with Kim

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Reading or consultation is the best place to introduce you to my services. 

This provides crystal clear direction on the best course of action unique to your situation.

From a challenging health condition, energetic problem, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance. 

Direction and guidance is assured.
Your session is unique as you and guidance is received directly from your soul.

I include my style of medical intuition, esoteric tools and metaphysics, platinum alchemy, chakra, DNA assessment as I access your Akasha Soul Light and beyond to read your subtle energy system, connect to your soul light to provide crystal clear direction.

seed of life

Platinum Alchemy Health or Spiritual Consultation Reading

$180 /90 minutes

A 90-minute zoom or studio session allows us to discover the areas of your physical health  or spiritual health which are an immediate concern then work together to create a plan to bring renewed life-force and healing to you on all levels.

What is covered

  • Medical intuitive assessment of your subtle energy system and chakra energy blockages causing physical, emotional or mental health problems

  • Problematic DNA strand & archetypes revealed

  • Your unique Chakra-Soul path to healing is revealed

  • Current conscious cellular vibration

  • Step by step personalised healing or spiritual program developed

  • Affirmations, meditations or creative visualisation created for you if required.

  • Advice on dietary changes, detoxification, energy medicines, herbal and or nutritional supplementation if required.

Products are additional to your consultation.


How are Readings Conducted

I provide your reading via zoom, telephone or in my studio. 


The booking link will take you to my calendar so you can self schedule your reading.

You will be asked a few questions so I can prepare for your reading.

At the time of booking you will be asked to confirm your reading via payment.

A full confirmation will be emailed to you with links for us to connect and all the details, this will give you a reminder.

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