Soul Healing, Coaching & Mentoring
with Kim

Feel Joyful, Focused, Clear, Expanded & Light.

Confident in your next steps as a leader of light.

I See You

My view of your life and your universe is unlimited!

I see what you cannot see.  A clear path to your highest potential, so you can confidently reclaim your health, motivation, soul purpose, and awaken deeper into your truth. 

Your unique Soul Path!

I communicate with your highest potential self, your Soul and guides on the inner planes to guide and support you in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health. 

Using my medical intuitive gifts, I become your personal detective, coach and healer as I locate the core of any imbalance so it can be corrected.

As we work together I guide you from within and without  to heal, clear chakras, ancestral programs, beliefs or DNA blocking your progress in life.  

From our work together you will learn how to care for your own ongoing personal evolution and health as you  expand your personal frequency – and ‘reduce your Soul Gap’.

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Soul Gap Coaching program

Example of increase in personal frequency over a 6 month program. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

How I work with you


I developed Platinum Alchemy Transformation Healing (PATH) with the guidance of my soul guides and Arcturian Councils of light after an NDE 40 years ago. 

I work with your soul, your guides and my guides to bring you to a new place of light consciousness and ascended evolution, moving you beyond the Karma or attachment that is creating a problem or health crisis in your life.  

Your PATH is specifically developed for you from your souls light from reading your personal askashic records. 

Platinum Alchemy is an advanced energetic healing and personal evolution ‘healing, ascension, coaching & mentoring system. 

Your PATH includes transformational healing through deep nourishment, subconscious and shadow work, daily self-care practices, guided inner journey work and emotional/mental and soul purification practices all aimed at the exact location creation a problem.



I assess your whole energy system before and after each session to provide continual updates on how you are progressing. 

You will naturally feel the rapid expansion each time we work on clearing  specific inter-dimensional chakras or the 7 lower chakras. 

Clearing blockages in chakras, chakra portals, and the light pathways interconnecting the chakras as well as the many strands of DNA is essential to the process of rapid energy expansion. 

 (Human evolution and crystalline conversion take us through an initiation process unravelling 5000 levels of awareness to reach 5D bodhisattva consciousness. The Archetypes blocking your soul light are released and transformed to a new balanced outlook in life)


Platinum Alchemy is unique in accessing these deeper levels of blocked consciousness to allow rapid healing and evolution to occur,  this results in rapid shifts in personal vibration and your ability to hold more light within each cell.

As each chakra or group of cells is cleared, what has been blocking your life-force or connecting to your Soul is released allowing you to embody more of your direct soul light and consciousness.


Example of increase in personal frequency over 14 month program,. NB. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

Example of increase in personal frequency over 11 month program,. NB. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

Shadow Work


l locate and see shadow aspects of your inner world which are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential or affecting your health. 

As shadow is balanced or attachment is cleared in remote or distance healing sessions, I guide and support you with counselling, coaching or mentoring over the course of a 4-week cycle.

 This is essential to complete the inner work and fully release any karma connected to a blockage. 


We work together to reduce the gap between where your current Personal Vibration is and the  Personal Vibration your soul and body is ready to embrace, to achieve your life or health goals.

This is what reducing the ‘Soul Gap’ is. It allows you to access more of your own light resources or gifts to live outside the matrix. 

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Platinum Alchemy Akashic Soul Reading

$555 / 90 min – online, telephone or studio

Your Soul reading focuses on your personal ascension path, covering many aspects to help you understand the personal initiations you are going through and to support your current life experiences.


    • – Your personal ascension gateway and your Achilles heel, what you must focus on to ascend beyond any limitations you find yourself in.
    • – Your new earth career and the soul gifts you have come to share
    • – How much of your body has converted to crystalline your cellular crystalline conversion numbers.
    • – Your current personal frequency.
    • – Your Soul’s Gap – the frequency where you are now and the new frequency your soul is calling you to evolve. To reconnect to your full potential,  joy, manifestation.
    • – Your current archetype spiritual soul initiation, how to work through this to open up more light to fuel your soul and reclaim your physical, emotional, mental spiritual bodies.
    • – Your soul’s evolution shadows – and how to work with them.
    • – Your design – how to live in the new world to be authentic to your soul’s purpose.
    • – Your unique ascension path and the chakra portals to activate and open into for this to occur.
    • – How I may be able to support you with your next steps.

Q & A with Clients

What has your Journey been like as you cleared and connected deeper to your soul light with your unique PATH program?

It has been a path of expansion.  I feel lighter and more joyfully unattached in my life.  The energies of fear, worry and overwhelm have pretty much disappeared.  My work has expanded as far as intuition, creativity, innovation and revenue.

How have you changed along the way?

Besides the above, I feel less concerned about others’ judgments, less triggered by others and situations around me.  I had some pretty profound spiritual experiences since starting this work with Kim and feel very aligned.

How did you experience clearing-healing sessions - what did they feel like, before and after ?

I felt literally clearer and more joyful after every session.  I’m pretty sensitive to energy so it was wonderful to feel the clarity and presence in my own energetic field and experience how that brought harmony and balance to my life.

Your new level of expanded light consciousness. How is it now able to support you in your work and life?

I am a better facilitator of the work that I teach.  I feel like I can bend time as I am not overwhelmed or fearful, I feel like I’m in the flow so a lot more manifests in a much shorter period of time.

What personal changes have you had to make along the way, to support your expanded light consciousness?

I have taken more time for myself after events and more time for baths.  I am working less hours, but getting more achieved.

How significant or helpful did you find the Platinum Alchemy Homecare kits used in each cycle of the clearing and the used between sessions?

I loved using the products and could feel their soothing and balancing properties.

How are Sessions

I provide your session via zoom, and remote distant healing. 

Reclaiming your light for healing, awakening or personal transformation requires a 4 -6 week process, which equals one cycle of chakra healing.

Depending on the quantity of chakras that will require clearing to obtain your desired result the process is completely different for each person reflecting your unique Soul PATH.

You will be given your own PATH once you have a reading with me.

Start with a Platinum Alchemy Spiritual & Physical Health Consultation to receive your unique Soul PATH or go deeper and receive your personal ascension information with a Platinum Alchemy Akashic Soul Reading.

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Is the path to higher consciousness & freedom

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