Spiritual Health Check

Spiritual Health Check |30 min -$80 | 45 min – $125 | 60 min – $169 | 90 min consultation with emailed report – $275 | Bookings Email also available via Skype| Gift Certificates | Tel: 0423 157 982 | Testimonials | FaceBook



A Platinum Alchemy Medical Intuitive, Psycho-physical, Assessment locates the source of problems for body, emotion, mind and spirit so a healing or personal soul coaching program can be developed unique unto you.

Depending on an your need,  the health check consultation may include one or more of the following diagnostic tools,  Medical Intuition, DNA and Chakra Energy Assessment.

Benefits of a Spiritual Health Check

√ Non invasive assessment

You will be asked to either lay fully clothed on Kim’s healing couch or chair for the duration of the spiritual health check after filling in documentation about your health concern.

√ Enlightening

Kim will explain in detail her findings during the health check to help you understand what is involved for you to return to life balance. Often you will not fully understand the energy terminology she may use. You will understand exactly what you need to do and the next steps along your life path to begin finding balance.

√ Relaxing experience

You are made to feel welcome and comfortable during your 60 to 90 minutes session, Kim knows just what you need.

√ Finally you feel understood

During your Spiritual Health Check Kim provides some counsel to help you take your next steps toward health and healing.

√ Personalized coaching support or healing program developed for you

Your program is developed based on your core imbalances, specialized energy medicines and healing techniques are also chosen from your souls need to transform and heal.

√ Fully Documented Report delivered electronically (only for 90 minute consultations)

Receive your own personalized E-Book report with all information discussed in your session.

√  Personal channeled message from your soul to support your next steps in healing (only for 90 minute consultations)

Kim, connects to your soul, higher self, source light, and your guides to provide deeper insight on your area of concern. This is called a channeled message and completes your spiritual health check, this is completed when Kim compiles your e-report Spiritual Health Check Book.

Does Kim offer distant Spiritual health Checks?

Yes, as a medical intuitive Kim has the ability to read and diagnose energy for clients all over the world. Kim has worked with international clients from USA, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, UK, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia Wide.

After initial assessment, Kim can work with you via her distant healing program as necessary. This program has been successfully used since 2004. Most distant healing starts with a skype consultation.


When I received my reading back it was so “WOW”, spot on.  It was exactly what was going on and I just KNEW I had to work with Kim (Ohlara).

WOW….(Kim) Ohlara,…and Thank you…
I have read through the report…and it touched me.
Everything was “spot” on with what is happening.

“Kim (Ohlara) has excellent accuracy when channeling your soul blueprint and chakras, so she would be able to provide a high quality ‘snap shot’ at what you are working through right now.”


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