Crown Chakra Healing Oil 5ml roll-on oil


If your crown chakra is…


Open – Feel connected to a higher power. Always feel as though you are being watched over. Feel gratitude for universal love and toward yourself. Comments may be made about how you are glowing.

Blocked – Feel little or no connection to your higher power. Feel alone and unworthy of spiritual direction or help, you may even feel angry, Feel terror, and feel abandoned. Suffer from migraines and headaches which are caused by tension

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How do I know if I need Crown Chakra oil?

If you feel the responses to these WORDS –

Divine, Source, Higher Self Connection, Oneness, Creative Imagination, Spiritual opening, Soul light, Headaches, Migraines

You might be asking yourself these questions

How do I access deeper parts of myself?
How do I feel more connected to my higher power?
How do I get direction from my soul?
Why do I feel so alone without direction or help?
How do I move beyond feelings of fear and terror?
Why do I get headaches and migraines?

How Crown Chakra oil will help you

The Crown Chakra Healing Oil will help you to clear energy blockages within the Crown chakra. Each time you focus and use your Crown chakra oil you will provide the healing space and intention to create answers and healing for your Crown chakra.

The chakra evolution oils support healing, as the ingredients work to clear the chakra by freeing the emotions associated with memory blocking the chakra. The Chakra Evolution Oil works in a gentle easy way, releasing you from the past so you can live in the present and open into the love that you rightfully deserve with new possibilities.

With your oil, you will receive

Easy instruction on how to use the oil
Detailed information about the heart chakra, how it affects you, and its importance in your life
The position of the crown chakra to provide the most effective healing
Positive healing affirmation from the Platinum Angels to help you heal your heart

Ingredients: Platinum Ray Activated oils, Certified organic jojoba oil, Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), Amethyst gem, Clear quartz crystal, activated Platinum Ray Alchemy.

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Currently Available in BONUS 8ml size until sold out

Our Chakra Evolution Range is a premium range of chakra oils, imbibed with crystals and gems along with Multiple frequency spectrums of light and light codes to support rapid clearing of the chakra’s supporting your personal evolution journey and connection to spirit.

Chakra Evolution oils additionally support homecare whilst working with a certified Chakra Evolution Healer.


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