Crystal Detox Zeolite Soap


Zeolite Alkaline Detox Soap,

Fragrance-free for sensitive skin

Soothing and Calming for allergy relief

Alkaline for the most sensitive skin

Supports ongoing detoxification between your baths.

Removes environmental pollutants. supports clearing pimples and acne. gently cleans oily skin, removes grease, soothes dermatitis and eczema, gentle and safe for all skin types, from babies to the elderly supports body detoxification when used with Crystal Detox Bath Minerals.


Antioxidant – zeolite soap is gentle on the skin with powerful detoxifying action.

Anti-ageing – removes free radicals forming on the skin from harmful environmental pollutants, which protects skin aging.

Antibacterial Skin Support – soothing and calming in acidic skin conditions requiring additional day to day support

Clarifying – deep cleansing with a zeolite soap provides antibacterial action helping to clear pimples and blackheads.

Exfoliation – Crystal detox beauty soap creates gentle removal of old skin cells when used regularly. For deeper cleansing use Crystal Detox Bath Powder.

Soothing – Produces calming negative ions, with an alkaline effect on emotions and calming the mind,  soaking in a Crystal Detox zeolite mud bath relieves stress, tension, aches and pains with its magnesium and calcium elements, creating a soothing and calming pleasurable experience.

Skin Health – Crystal Detox Zeolite soap and bath powder help keep skin function health, through antibacterial and alkaline action. Helpful for skin abrasions, cuts, first aid and conditions like lymphoedema where intact skin support is highly regarded to prevent bacterial infections like cellulitis.



cruelty free vegan



Crystal Detox Zeolite Soap has been developed to use between your Crystal Detox Zeolite Baths to support your ongoing day to day care of your subtle energy bodies, chakras and prevent a buildup of environmental toxins on the skin to protect your physical body and cells.

Zeolite Soap Bars are an easy way to maintain essential detox support after or between detox baths.

Daily use supports maintenance to keep the skin clear of environmental toxins and EMFs.

Zeolite Soap is a wonderful cleanser for the skin keeping it free from impurities to support a glowing radiant complexion.

Zeolite Soap is gentle and safe for skin sensitivity on all ages from babies to the elderly.

Crystal Detox Zeolite Soap Ingredients:

Our new formula is even more delish with a very high olive oil content and loaded with minerals to support the most sensitive skin conditions and support skin detoxification.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive oil (Sodium Olivate), Biologically Certified Organic Australian Clinoptilolite Zeolite, mordenite, quartz, feldspar and montmorillonite minerals, hand-made with love

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

small bar 70gm, large bar 140gm, Soap on Rope massage, Soap on Rope oval, 70gm cube gift


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