Goddess Alchemy Chakra Oil


The gift of the Divine feminine is with you today,

To bring healing, balance and freedom into your life,

Go within and ask Lu-min-ar-ia to walk beside you, and teach you the way of freedom through the heart.

So your karmic agreements can be cleared and ties with 

your genetic past and past life karma can be fully released.

So you may be free to act and walk in your truth.


The Mother, Women, Past lives, Karma, Hormonal Imbalance, Stress

We have created these light tools to support your transformation into higher light. We encourage you to browse through these offerings to help yourself. If you feel that you would like personal help, please reach out to me via a discovery call where we can have a short chat and I can share how I can create something really special and unique for you.

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Weight 0.10 kg
Platinum Alchemy Chakra Healing Oil

Sensual Self Love, Earth Spirit, Tranquility, Goddess, Joy, Meditation, Angelic, Awakening, Transition, Peace, Enlightenment, Oneness


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