Divine Feminine Power & Presence Development Program Wednesday mornings


STAGE 1. 3 sessions $180

WEDNESDAY mornings (10 am – 12.30 pm)

9th October 2019

16th October 2019

23th October 2019

This is a booking deposit of $60, balance due over 2 payments.


Platinum Alchemy Divine Feminine Power and Presence Workshop is the way forward to embody your divine feminine and empower your life to move into your dreams.

Hello lovely soul sister…
This year 2019!! … Let me give you heads up on the year to come….
It is going to be huge cleanse around addiction so we as a collective can find our true essence and the Peace that we have wanted for so so so long.
Unfortunately, this is going to show up in not so nice ways, and through our younger ones – this is what the councils of light have shown me – when I connected with them to look into 2019.
(if you would like to know about my 2019 insights you can head over here , sorry!  link to come……..
My solution to this is to help you achieve inner pleasure so you can slay off your demons or unhappy dragon hearts…
As well as writing, and seeing a limited number of private clients, I’ve decided to begin my teaching programs and classes again this year, and I hope I can support you in some way to connect to yourself and the light within in a way that is sustainable, powerful and truly beautiful in the Platinum Alchemy Divine Feminine tradition to add to your lifestyle.
These next years are certainly not going to be a walk in the park for many, from what I am seeing through the dimensional doorways, so if you know you are here to be of a bigger purpose then where you are right now, you might already be a healer here to support the new world, or know that’s your next step. If so, I hope we can connect as I begin to share Platinum Alchemy to the new world healers and luminary leaders, ready to step more fully into their light.
NOW Honestly Soul Sister…. have you been looking for real Joy, Peace and Pleasure outside of yourself?
This is such a common theme for women (and men, I will get to them later)….., to have a glass of bubbly, maybe a J, a few cocktails, dance and hang out together sharing stories of no or little pleasure, broken dreams and promises and wounded hearts or do you cougar the night away…
Maybe your simply too anxious and stressed to even think this way so you are falling down the rabbit hole and it’s getting deeper, darker and darker.
What’s your style lovely?
Maybe you’ve been looking for that perfect partner 4 EVER….
A victim of abuse….and just can’t shake it off
Is MEN O PAUSE really doing its thing on you, and you might just want a little more pleasure then you’ve had in a while or a long time!
The stories can go on and on….you can stay in the same cycle for the past 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years… is that what you really want to do?
Here is my solution,  my new workshop & program…. Platinum Alchemy Divine Feminine Power and Presence,
I will teach you ….
How to connect to the pleasure inside your body instead of looking outside for it.
A way to connect to your soul light that is easily sustainable and will support energy expansion and personal evolution.
A way to connect to your sensual self and find true pleasure.
A way to healing the split between your heart energy and your sexuality
A way to stay in your centre and be mindfully grounded
A way to stay present even when the stakes are high
An energetic way to protect your unique energy flow no matter what’s coming toward at you.
During this day we explore energy in its refined detail and how the divine feminine energy flows through you.
I will teach you Divine Feminine practices and give you tools that you can take away to use every day to more fully empower yourself.
Did you know you can have what your heart truly desires?
Join me in a small group of women who are ready to raise their consciousness and lift the roof of their girl shed to open into their true empowered Divine Feminine Soul Light.
I only have 8 places on offer each workshop – so book in early if this calling to you 
Much Love
aka Kim Lansdowne-Walker
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