Sea Lettuce Flower Essence with Herkimer Diamonds


Sea Lettuce  30ml

Scaevola striata 

‘Regeneration’ | ‘metamorphosis within’

Made in Cairns integrating Lemurian energies and the Coral Sea energies at a time a tsunami warning and alert was given along the east coast of Australia. This energy washed through the ethers preparing the way for our current times. Platinum and Lemurian crystal-infused activated and anchored to be ready to support the integration of the new world energies.

Sea Lettuce supports caring for and healing yourself so you can bounce back after personal trauma Helps with releasing feelings of heaviness. Alchemizes feelings into lightness through metamorphosis.

For people who feel weighed down by the shadows of their life and have lost the ability to feel good about themselves and living.

Sea Lettuce flower essence supports people who have often been very generous and giving nature, been highly traumatized, hurt and battered by life, taken for granted and abused, all leading to them wanting to withdraw from people. When life becomes too hard they don’t want to interact with it and people any more. In extreme cases, there is often a subconscious desire to no longer be on this earth.

The alchemy brings them in touch with the goodness of life and the positive aspects which can be so joyous and fulfilling, regenerating hope and idealism.

Peace be with you, ‘inla tok u mau no’

Dose Bottle: Take 4 – 7 drops as needed in water or under tongue 2 times a day.


What are Flower Essences?

Pure Balance® flower essences hold the vibrational energy imprints of flowers. Each flower has its own energy ‘Life Force”, which is the highest vibrational aspect of a plant. This has been transferred into pure water and stabilized further further with our unique alchemical processes to create a beautiful essence which integrates, earth, you and the stars providing new levels of awareness supporting a return to PureBalance.  The individual flowers hold their own alchemy and connection to the earth, you and stars as they work on the subtle layers of your personal energy system. Flower essences can awaken the mind, calm the emotions and allow for new pathways of energy, light and sound to work through your chakras, meridians and axiatonal spin points ‘activating a new energy pathway system supporting personal transformation into light consciousness.  Flower essences are wonderful remedies to support life change and can help with limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours creating confusion, lethargy, stagnation and even depression.

Pure Balance® Flower essences are made from Australian wild flowers, created on-site in nature. Each essence has been sourced from many wildcrafting ventures.