Dream ‘Alcyone’ botanical perfume


Bright and Sparkling
Pure and clear support from the earth and stars to dream big and live large in the world with brave passion and sensitivity in all you do…



Alcyone & The Sacred Faerie Gateway 4…

Connects you to the spirits of justice, devotion, honesty, and healing as you are instantly uplifted with…

Spirit Notes…

Melissa and Grapefruit…  reconnect to source light supportive and reviving emotions and the mind…

Heart Notes…

of jasmine grand, perfumers heart accord, orange blossom, and ylang-ylang offer big-hearted support to sensitive hearts…

Earth Notes…

Grounding with luscious vanilla bean, perfumers Ambergris accord, and Australian sandalwood…

Then finished with activated star and healing energies timelessly held with soothing moonstone crystal and platinum light.

Mmm sheer delight…

I call in the spirit of wind into my life to support my life balance –

calm my heart and soul and bring through the winds of

chance and change for deepest soul devotion & healing.


…Perfumes to increase your light frequency

…100% natural, organic, and botanical ingredients

…vegan, artisan perfume, alchemically blended to anchor light and joy

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0.5-1ml free with any shop purchase, 2ml trial, 5 ml dabber, 15 ml purse mist, 30ml round, 50 ml square


100% natural grain alcohol, pure essential oils, melissa leaf, grapefruit, jasmine grand abs, orange blossom, neroli, ylang ylang, cistus, vanilla, sandalwood, platinum ray activated moonstone.

Perfumers Note

Dream – 'nurtures your sensitive heart to live big in the world'

Takes us on a dreamer's journey, embracing passion in all things we do, maintaining a connection to source light and a pure heart.

Pure and clear support to dream big and live large in the world with brave passion and sensitivity in all you do.

Archetype Image – Star Women seeker and wanderer of the universe


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