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Australian Wild Flower Essences

Our Flower Essence Story

2 key events…

Do you remember the collapse of the twin towers?

In 2001 the twin tower collapse had not yet occurred, but the healing energies around this event had already been delivered to Earth from our creator, the light beings, inner earth, and Angels as the stage was ready and set for the collection of this Australian flower essence range. 

The second event that occurred around the collection to complete this Australian flower essence range was at the Mayan Galactic Portal full moon on 1st March 2010. During this time a tsunami warning was issued on the east coast of Australia and the  Coral Sea coast was the second collection site of essences. This included the activation of energies from Lemuria to balance the masculine-feminine split in humanity.

Pure Balance® has a big story, and the reason why we have created our products, and the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system. You might like to read the longer version here…(Comming soon)

The short version of how the Australian flower essences came into being

In July 2001, I began to receive messages from my guides and ancestors during Dreamtime to travel across Australia and make these essences. The messages became stronger and stronger even a little unbearable until I decided to book the flight to Western Australia.

I was used to receiving messages from the ancestors and guides to create energy medicines I had been doing this for 6 years prior, without question. Each time they were perfect combinations of what my clients needed at the time.

Within two days of receiving the 3rd dream, I packed my onsite alchemical lab in a suitcase  (full of sterilized glassware and crystals), layered a change of clothes on top and I was ready to leave.

Often I have company on my wildcrafting trips, by colleague healers or lightworker friends ready to help along the journey. No matter what is happening in the world we always feel supported and protected when called to do our lightwork.

This time there were two of us and we would meet up with two more lightworkers to do some added earthwork to anchor in the Platinum Ray over into Western Australia.

In reflection, this was in preparation to complete anchoring The Platinum Ray before it was to head onto Uluru and then through the centre of the earth to South America to head up to Northern America where it would be popularized and used by many more for a short time.

The Platinum Ray

The Platinum Ray is the source of creation and destruction (both a purification and creation ray) given to certain lightworkers and healers to use to support the changes ahead for humanity.

The Platinum Ray is activated and used in all the Pure Balance ranges it holds the new incoming earth frequencies and the Oneness Rays.

An Urgency of Time

We had 4 days in Western Australia to forage and wildcraft 26 Australian Flower Essences, (the remainder were made on a second journey to the Coral Coast near Cairns in 2010 and some were made at Bouddi on the Central Coast north of Sydney), it was the perfect time and alignment to capture the frequencies from the flowers, the land, and stars to support the healing and clearing of karma that was to come and is now deeply upon humanity.

At the time I was extremely busy with my shop and healing practice, but the ancestor’s directive was to

‘drop everything and just go’.

My guides said that they would look after everything, and asked that I

‘just get to Western Australia’.

They wanted us to collect the Australian Flower essences and anchor the Platinum Ray in a group of limestone caves near Jurian in Western Australia.

The Journey

The day we arrived the weather was wonderful, but it was too late to begin our foraging. The next day was spectacular and we found over 18 flowers and made them onsite. For the next two days, it rained heavy and hard, we were told it was an extremely unusual downpour over 2 days.

I felt stressed that we would not complete the wildcrafting but everything went so smoothly, and we even had a few days’ breaks to enjoy the essential earthwork. A path was opened to create this special range of Australian flower essences.

Held Safely in my Vault

Until 2021 this  Australian flower essence range has only been available as part of the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System energy medicines and formulas. More recently the ancestors have asked me to make the single Australian flower essence range available to everyone.

I’m glad your here and I hope they offer great healing support.

About the Australian Flower Essences


Pure Balance® Australian flower essences hold the vibrational energy imprints of Australian Wildflowers. Each flower has its own energy ‘Life Force” which is the highest vibrational aspect of the plant.

This has been transferred into pure water and stabilized further with our unique alchemical process to create a beautiful wildcraft essence that integrates, the earth, you, and the stars providing new levels of awareness.

This range of Australian Flower Essences supports your return to Pure Balance, as you move through the conscious awakening process into higher light consciousness.

Unique support for biological ascension, spiritual ascension or crystalline consciousness/cellular conversion.

Each Australian flower essence is a living light frequency and works through our chakras, meridians, and axiatonal spin points.

They activate new energy pathways and clear congested energy pathways, supporting our evolution, ascension, and transformation into higher light consciousness.

Recently I have been asked by the ancestors to look deeper at each Australian flower essences, and explore and map the exact pathways that opens each time they are used.

To my surprise, I have found that each Australian Flower Essence follows an exact pathway working its way through the 44 Platinum Alchemy chakra/portal system to unravel, clear and unblock the many energies connected to our multidimensional road blocks, and ancestral memories.

Each Australian Flower Essence in the PureBalance range has very specific light coded pathways which rapidly open and clear our chakras and channels to understand how we are holding onto shadow parts of self.

EG. Bottlebrush has a specific pathway working through 7 chakra portals to detoxify, and Borage also has a specific pathway as it works through 18 chakra portals as a bringer of light.

When I mapped these out I was surprised on one level, and then again not that surprised because many of the clients and healers that have used the Platinum Alchemy Gem & Flower Essence combinations have commented on how powerful they are.

As we move through these powerful times of inner transformation, the PureBalance Australian Flower Essences are essential in your healer’s tool kit, first aid kit or home dispensary to support yourself, loved ones or clients.


In 1999, the channelled body of work I was working on with the Arcturian light being healers and angels, introduced me to a gifted channel that gave me a huge Herkimer diamond from Hawaii. I was given this special Herkimer diamond to learn and share more about the ascension process that humanity was preparing to undergo, to understand the connections to Lemuria, so I could support myself and others coming forward for coaching, mentoring and healing.

There are many special gems and crystals, Herkimer’s are truly for this time in history.

Herkimer’s are truly for this time in history

They are powerful ascension tools for lightworkers, healers, and those on an awakening path. They hold special frequencies to help us understand our unique nature.

The most powerful message from the Herkimer for this time is that their energy helps us

begin again in our lifetime’,

as well as allows us to recognize our own inner space and to remember there is

nothing to become‘ –

what we have been seeking is only to be actualized! A beautiful message for each one of us.

Herkimer energy assists in clearing the body-mind system of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing a total relaxation and expansion of the life force which greatly supports our increasing frequency throughout the ascension and awakening process.

Herkimer is also an attunement stone and will stimulate clairvoyance, and clairaudience to assist in prescience and telepathic communication. All these attributes are part of our awakening process.

Adding Herkimer energy into this flower essence range provides a rapid action to support those ready to awaken and understand their inner nature.

‘Nothing to become’,

simply relaxing into life to connect to our deeper wisdom where our true answers will come forth.

Herkimer truly speaks sacred wisdom to those ready to listen as he shows us how to detoxify and clear the many programs that have corrupted our true essence.

This is also the essence of the Platinum Alchemy Transformation Healing System, a deeply nourishing coaching, mentoring, and healing way to take us deeper into our magnificence.

Herkimer will even go a step further and support the clearing of radiation and support the reflection of these harmful rays. It helps disperse toxins that have been held in the body and supports re-building the cellular structure which is essential in biological crystalline conversion.

It also relaxes rigidity in the tissue cells as it supports detoxification living in harmony with each Australian flower essence, to work as deeper and speedy as possible. Remembering yourself and releasing the emotional memory and energy blockages creating imbalances of body, emotions, mind, and soul.

The 33 Australian Flower Essences

Are you a dowser or use a pendulum to select your flower essences?

Use our Australian Flower Essence dowsing chart and use the guide to choose your flower essences. Use this when you want to choose your remedies.

(click on the IMAGE to save PDF and PRINT)


Contact us for support, practitioner kits, inquiries, or wholesale requests.

1. Bottlebrush – ‘detoxification’.  Internal cleanser during major life changes, bringer of angelic support.

2. Borage – ‘bringer of light’  The lightness of the heart and body. Angelic support for courage and optimism.

3. Chrysler imperial rose  ‘divine’ beauty.  Support of the goddess, mother’s love | connection to the beauty within and without.

4. Comfrey – ‘core resolution’  Healing all levels, through all time | return to the original state of harmony and health.

5. Creamy candles – ‘safety’  Support moving from anxiety, fear, and feeling fractured to feeling safe, calm, and whole.

6. Drumsticks – ‘awakening’.  Softens and integrates heart and mind, softens personality, and awakens lost wisdom.

7. Flannel flower – ‘sensuality’.Safer intimacy expression and connection | Joy in touch, sensuality, and trust.

8. Fringed lily twiner – ‘grateful heart’. Gracious in giving from the heart without conditions

9. Honeysuckle – ‘presence’. Unconsciously living in the past or trauma with low expectation | Live in the present.

10. Kalbari ccat’spaw – creativity.  Supports Self Expression when feeling resentment or jealousy in wrongdoing.

11. Kangaroo paw – ‘family’  Preoccupied mind. Brings joy to the present moment when connecting with loved ones.

12. Little star mallow – ‘new beginnings’  Support and protection when feeling insecure in relationships and new beginnings

13. Mandarin flower – ‘focus’  Encourages fun, passion, focus, and energy when taking care of the details.

14. Mountain devils – ‘forgiveness’  Supports suspicious minds holding anger & hatred transforming hearts through forgiveness and joy.

15. Native wisteria – ‘confidence’  Self-assurance when stepping out alone facing new frontiers, a new path.

16. Old man banksia – ‘renewed lifeforce’  Feeling sluggish, low energy transforms into enthusiasm for life.

17. Orange blossom orchid – ‘spiritual protection Elevates mood knowing all will be fine. Protects in the highest spiritual love.

18. Pigeon dove orchid – ‘soul purification’. Purification of the soul. Refreshed outlook on life. ‘inla tok u mau no’ peace be with you.

19. Prickly moses – ‘excess worry’. Supports release of being trapped in problems of the past | feelings of pessimism

20. Red grevillea – ‘self-expression’. New freedom to fully express thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

21. Reed trigger plant – ‘restoration’  Restoration of the whole being after being worn down, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

22. Rock lily – ‘soul path’  Channels open for higher soul light for chakra evolution & crystalline conversion.

23. Rose banjine – ‘compassion’. Opening heart to compassion for harmony in times of conflict in individuals, races, and groups of people.

24. Running postman – ‘passionate transformation’. Support seeking transformation and new horizons with sweetness and passion.

25. Scarlet feather flower – ‘acceptance’. Support for working together with others | integration into life when feeling isolated

26. Sea lettuce – ‘metamorphosis’  Support finding the powers of regeneration and metamorphosis within.

27. She-oak – ‘conception’  Supports an opening to conceive and balance divine feminine energies.

28. Sickle leaved coneflower – ‘equanimity’. Inner peace for sensitives, empaths, and healers despite the external environment.

29. Silky-leaved bloodflower – ‘life support’. Feeling swamped with life’s demands | refocus on available support.

30. Smokebush EA – ‘breakthrough’  Support to share your wisdom of higher soul light with that of the lower planes.

31. Smokebush WA – ‘clarity’  Supports a clear mind when feeling lost in life to feel whole and integrated

32. Wedge leaved dryandra – ‘soul protection’  Protection from the outside world supports the creation of a sacred space to evolve into soul wisdom.

33. Woolly dragon – ‘trust’  Learning to live moment to moment and feeling safe and supported to do so.

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