Imagine feeling strong, safe and secure in your life, business, career & health choices

Soul Mentoring, Courses & Products for highly sensitive light leaders

Soul Mentoring, Courses & Products

Supporting highly sensitive leaders, corporate executives, soloprenuers do business and health differently, working  from a soul aligned state to  fully  reclaim light, joy, love, health & abundance. 

I work with you to reclaim a high vibe state and overcome challenges by removing core karmic and ancestral chakra blocks creating  life imbalance.

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1:1 Ascension Support

1:1 Rapid Ascension & Soul Development
with my light team, 'The Arcturian Angelic Healers'

Working together we provide you with the deepest healing and personal transformation when you are ready to step fully into your soul light 'marry yourself' and rapidly evolve into your fullest potential.

Womens Spirituality

Re-WILDING Alchemy Womens Monthly Circle

A heart felt connection of sharing and caring each month. We learn new ways to work with Earth Mother, nature, and craft ,soul nourishment and go deeper into our embodiment practices.

Perfumery Classes

3 and 6-month Private Perfumery Emersion
Beginners and Intermediate
Botanical perfumery is a powerful healing and evolutionary tool for our emotions. Providing deep nourishment and nurturing in these times of greatest transition.

As a healer and alchemist, perfumery creation is one of my loves. I have been formulating natural health care products, spa healing ranges, natural skincare and botanical perfumes for over 35 years for many clients.

Group Ascension Program

Yearly subscription for Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs committed to ongoing personal frequency upgrades.

Dragonfly totem teaches the magic of shifting vibrations, with the use of colour and shows us the path to the new worlds dancing in and out of mystical portals. Dragonfly leads us to the mists of change to a land where you find your true power and to hear your soul wisdom. Dragonfly is a powerful messenger of mysticism and magic!

On-line Coaching, Weekly Group Meditations Healing-Clearing
plus emailed Monthly Energy Updates

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APRIL 18, 2021