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step by step rapid conscious energy  expansion for

light leaders



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seed of life

paths to increase your frequency

with Kim

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system is a channelled ascension evolution and healing system provides deep healing and personal transformation when you are ready to step fully into your soul light and full evolutionary potential. It opens the way and
is your quantum leap!
Our focus is deeper shadow work and purification of DNA and higher chakras, clearing the way for your soul light to more fully embody, for a direct channel to your God/Goddess self.
Your PATH provides rapid energy expansion to support manifestation, a stronger deeper connection to your soul, your soul life work and your greatest potential in the world.
1:1 personalised programs are suited to difficult health challenges, Light Leaders, Healers, Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Coaches ready to clear a PATH to their soul, follow and step fully into their purpose and hold a fearless beam for others.
PATHS Return Consciousness to Love to be of service to humanity.
PATHS are perfect for star children and their families to help them understand how to support a child and family.


Re-WILDING Alchemy Womens Monthly Circle Workshops and Play Shops are held at my Avoca Beach Studio.
A heart felt connection of sharing and caring for local women each month. We learn new ways to work with Earth Mother, nature, and crafts, soul nourishment, and womens embodiment spirituality practices.

Personal Ascension, Coaches & Energy Healers

Advanced Energetic Healing Training in Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System - Techniques use esoteric sciences and quantum techniques to read and measure chakras, DNA ancestral energy blockages , personal frequency scale, rapidly locate and clear ancestral trauma - personal interest, beginner to advanced healer levels.
All Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing courses are accredited with the IICT. International Institute of Complementary

6 month Perfumer Alchemist Emersion

Botanical perfumery is a powerful healing tool for our emotions and provides deep nourishment and nurturing in times of the greatest transitions. As an alchemist, perfumery creation is one of my loves. I have been formulating natural health care products, spa healing ranges, natural skincare and botanical perfumes for over 35 years for many clients.



Yearly subscription for Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Entreprenuers committed to ongoing personal frequency upgrades.

Dragonfly totem teaches the magic of shifting vibrations, with the use of colour and shows us the path to the new worlds dancing in and out of mystical portals. Dragonfly leads us to the mists of change to a land where you find your true power and to hear your soul wisdom. Dragonfly is a powerful messenger of mysticism and magic!

On-line Monthly Webinar Group Healing-Clearing
plus emailed Monthly Energy Updates