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Are you a light leader?
I support light leaders embody more of their source light so they can rapidly anchor their gifts and share them to create a new world.

I create a divinely protected private space for you to restore health or fully embody your source light and rapidly integrate your shadows to clear chakra portals to your source.

As an accredited health practitioner of 37 years with my own ongoing health requirements after a NDE. I have been my own personal healer on my spiritual path for over 40 years. I've trained in many healing and esoteric modalities and participated in many self enlightenment programs over this time.

YES! I believe you can do this,
because I believe in life long learning and transformation.

From my own life path evolution and my spiritual connections, I can open you deeper into your souls wisdom, 'Enlightenment' via coaching you and also healing at times to clear what's blocking your light. My aim is to clear your unique Ascension Path so you can achieve your personal or business goals and fully anchor your source light. It would be such an honor to support your full soul light embodiment. physical, emotional, mental health into spiritual enlightenment.

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Have you ever wanted to reach Enlightenment?

Do you know your Soul Frequency?

Do you have a Soul Gap?

The first key to Enlightenment and health in the 21st century is increasing your Soul’s frequency and reducing your soul gap.

This is my expert field and how I have created the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system with my spiritual guides. I have been guided by a spiritual council of 12  healers since my NDE, to develop the only spiritual ascension enlightenment program  offered in the world.

I work remotely around the world and would love to hear from you.
Send me a message or book your Platinum Alchemy coaching strategy session.

Are you Ready to fully step into Enlightenment?

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing -Soul frequency graph

This graph shows a clients progress of rapidly increasing their frequency over a 14 month coaching, mentoring & healing program. Over the period of 14 months their consciousness and soul light expanded over 100,000% – This seems radical and how could be it true? It is actually true and these results are constantly experienced by all clients enrolled in and completing 1:1 private coaching programs with me.

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body, emotion, mind and spiritual support for your health & evolution


Beginners to advanced, shamanic journeying & ascension
more coming soon
"Your support and love during my pregnancy was very much appreciated. The Angel work that you did was mind-blowing, to be able to communicate with the Angels and find out what my baby needed before it was born gave me a lot of confidence and help with my diet and general health"
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Sheryl M.
Macksville NSW
Kim brought me alive giving me the tools and wisdom my soul had longed for. Through her remedies I was lifted out of the depression and into the light and for the first time in a long time I felt the will to live. I now had something to live for
Alison H.
Ascension Healing

Platinum Alchemy Coaching & healing

1. Assessment of your Physical Health, up to 44 Chakras and Mind-Emotional subtle bodies to determine core energetic, ancestral or DNA imbalances - your personalized Ascension Healing PATH is created.

2. Supported healing and detoxification of the Mind, Emotions, Body , Chakras and Soul

3. Deeper healing and education to maintain and understand how to evolve and maintain and increase a high frequency for ascension

Step 1

Energy & Health Assessment Consultation
90 minute consultation
  • Physical
  • Chakra Systems
  • Psychophysical
  • Choose from 3 assessments & reports

Step 2

Energy | Chakra | Physical | Healing Support
1- 6 Months
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Clearing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Lower Entities & Attachements Cleared
  • Ascension Healing Tools
  • Soul protection
  • Ascension Invocations

Step 3

Energy Coaching & 1:1 Healing
3 - 12 Months plus
  • Soul Healing 1:1
  • Mind-Emotion self care coaching 1:1
  • Physical Cellular, Energy, self care coaching
  • Higher Entities & Attachments Cleared
  • Soul Initiations & Counselling support