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for Highly Sensitive

From Meditations, Herbal Remedies, Organic Teas, Flower and Gem elixirs, Detoxication, Zeolite, Minerals, Personal care, Skincare and Perfumes I have got you covered.

I intimately know what it is like to live in a Highly Sensitive Body, Mind and Soul! thats been my gig for nearly 60 yrs.


Avoca Beach
Energetic Health Spa

Deeply Nurturing Platinum Spa Sessions, integrating Spa, Natural Health Care, Soul Alignment and Organic Beauty.

Specialising in traditional Naturopathy , Herbal Medicine and Eastern Energetic Detoxification Methods, Ayurveda and Yogic practices for body, emotions, mind & spirit.

HOURS: Saturdays 9am-6pm
by appointment only

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Why I chose DragonFly for the spirit Totem of my new membership subscription.

Dragonfly teaches the magic of shifting vibrations, with the use of colour and shows us the path to the new worlds dancing in and out of mystical portals. Dragonfly leads us to the mists of change to a land where you find your true power and to hear your soul wisdom. Dragonfly is a powerful messenger of mysticism and magic!


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I share a combination of intuitive insights, messages from the Earth Mother and Celestial Light Beings supporting our ongoing shift in evolution, as well as astrological transits and aspects affecting global consciousness, this sets the stage for each energy surf guide of the month.

This exclusive membership provides comprehensive insights that are not shared anywhere else. You can apply these tips and information toward your own personal evolution, healing, energy expansion understanding and life journey. 

Ways we can work together

This Weeks Community Event... connect your heart & light with us!

18th October to 28th October in a Global meditation Link-Up to bring greater consciousness and health to our planet. You can join the grid, either morning or night and make a difference to shift the world consciousness around 5G.

Discover how I can support you

I Invite you to have a 15 min online chat with me, where we can meet and see if my services or products are what you are looking for.  From coaching, products to healing services and courses , I specialise in working with HSP highly sensitive people,  who are most often experiencing ‘burnout’ chronic health or life challenges from  a variety of past events or trauma.

My products and services are suited to highly sensitive people HSP, conscious seekers, healers, leaders and light workers looking to move further along their personal evolution path.