Freya ‘Celaeno’ botanical perfume


Pure, Light, Feminine…

‘for souls who are naturally lively, cheerful, vivacious, and sensitive’…

vegan perfume

cruelty free vegan



‘Celaeno’ The Sacred Faerie Gateway 7… Success | Love

Connects you to pure light as it opens your heart.

Delightfully Feminine!

Spirit Notes …

Rare Real-aged Rosewood from my vault connects you to the sacred energies and delight of a rose from the outset with a heartfelt wood opening, instantly grounding and connecting to the Earth Mother …

Heart Notes …

into deeper heart opening delight are gentle sensual, soft, and powerful divine feminine Rose absolute and the perfumer’s heart accord.

Earth Notes …

All grounded with the spiritual sacred protective energies of ancient Mysore Sandalwood a rare oil from my vault. Perfectly softened with Vanilla absolute finding its softest landing in an Oak Moss wooded forest floor.

Activating Soft, subtle, and pure divine feminine.

Finally, all are activated with star and healing energies, timelessly held with rock quartz crystal and platinum light.

Mmm soft divine feminine passion…

Artisan 100% Natural and Organic Perfumes by Kim Lansdowne-Walker Alchemist-Perfumer


…Perfumes to increase your light frequency

…100% natural, organic, and botanical ingredients

…vegan, artisan perfume, alchemically blended to anchor light and joy

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5 ml, 15 ml, 30ml, 50 ml


100% natural grain alcohol, pure essential oils, Rose Absolute, Perfumers Rose Accord, Rare Rosewood, Rare Sandalwood Mysore, Vanilla absolute, Oakmoss, platinum ray activated quartz.

Perfumers Note

Freya – Ignite your inner fire

The goddess of love, beauty and passion. An aphrodisiac fragrance to Ignite your inner fire.


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