‘Freya’ botanical perfume


The Sacred Faerie Gateway 2…

Connects you to the spirits of the trees, faerie friendship and

healing as you are lifted and whisked away with…

Spirit Note Melissa… where all past misgivings fall away to open your heart with sensual and narcotic Jasmine….

then you are warmed by spices and herbal notes to connect and ground you with Earthy tree energy before receiving Earth’s gifts of resins and woods softened by luscious vanilla bean….,

all is finally activated with star and healing energies timelessly held with rock quartz crystal and platinum light.

Mmm sheer delight…


Artisan 100% Natural and Organic Perfumes by Kim Lansdowne-Walker Alchemist-Perfumer


cruelty free vegan


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5 ml, 15 ml, 30ml, 50 ml


100% natural grain alcohol, pure essential oils, melissa leaf, jasmine sambac abs, nutmeg, thyme, styrax, frankincense, vanilla, sandalwood, cistus, cedarwood, platinum ray activated quartz.

Perfumers Note

Deja Vu – 'remember you really are free'

Takes us on a journey through a deeply wooded forest, purifying, cleansing protecting and activating your deeper soul connection to the fae.

Energetically you awaken as your spirit is taken on a journey into the woods for deep grounding and protection.

Archetype Image – Fae Man and Women on wild horses running through the woods free and uninhibited.