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Platinum Health Consultations
Detoxification - Naturopathy - Herbal care

Support for highly sensitive women to
Reclaim Health, Joy and Life balance.

2024 Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Hi I'm Kim Lansdowne-Walker

A multimodality natural health practitioner with over 35 years clinical experience and Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

From a multimodality approach I work with sensitive souls to help them navigate their unique health requirements. 

I understand how difficult it can be to find the help you are seeking because I’ve personally walked this path for over 43 years. After a near death accident at 19 years of age, I was told by medical doctors they had nothing to offer me when I was was feeling at my lowest. 

That was a huge turning point for me, and when I realized I had to take my health in my own hands I made some really huge personal decisions.

Once I made the decision to seek out help, a whole new world opened up to me. This lead me away from a short nursing career into a new life as a lifetime student of natural healing and psychophysical healing. 

I truly know how you feel, this is why I always take the time to get to know you in each consultation. Your consultation is always unique as you are.

Support I Offer Clients

Detoxification protocols, Heavy Metal Detoxification & Hair Analysis

DNA Ancestral Clearing and Healing

Biological  Ascension Health Care

Medical Intuitive Assessment

Remote Energy Clearing and Space Clearing

Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine Consultation

NutriPath Integrative and Functional Pathology Services

EMF Sensitivity Support Coaching and Counselling


Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy

Stress Management

Anxiety, Fear, Phobia and PTSD Management and Treatment

Addiction Detox Counselling and Support

Meditation Tuition and Mentoring

Light Leader Energetic Healing and Ascension Support Sessions

Spiritual and Psychic Counselling with Akasha – Astrology – Tarot- Human Design  and Gene Keys

ERPT ElectroRegenesis deep cellular detoxification and  rejuvenation therapy, healing, antioxidant Redox therapy.

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing and Energy Expansion Programs for Light Leaders.

Soul Ascension Healing Art with Channelled Guidance

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Are you a new client?
or an existing client who wants to update their health or ascension program?

To begin your journey of healing choose a consultation below. I look forward to meeting your very soon

Start your journey to pure balance with a Comprehensive Health Consultation

How Consultations are Conducted

I provide telehealth consultations via Zoom, telephone or at my Avoca Beach studio. 


The booking link will take you directly to my calendar so you can self-schedule your consultation.

You will be asked a few questions so I can prepare for your consultation. You will also be sent an intake form to return preferably before your consultation, if you are having a telehealth consultation.

When booking, you will be asked to confirm your consultation via payment. This is via PayPal. If you would like to use direct deposit please email me for the details along with your required appointment time, chosen on my calendar, I will then hold this space for you.

A full confirmation will be emailed to you with links for us to connect and all the details.

A reminder will be automatically sent before your appointment.

If things change you can reschedule your appointment via the email links.

Email: [email protected]

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Is the path to higher consciousness and freedom

Pure Balance Logo Ascension Healing

Not Sure where to Start!

I invite you to have a 15 minute wellness strategy session with me, where we can meet and I can guide you on the best session for your situation.

Client Praise

Platinum Alchemy medical intuition, distant healing or health consultations are a powerful way to receive highly focused and personalised 1:1 sessions.

 Your location is no barrier to the specialised healing and soul programs or treatments I create for you. 

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