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Supporting client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness over 40 years

I work with you from a Soul aligned state to fully Reclaim your
Light, Joy, Health and Abundance.

Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Hi I'm Kim
Let's Meet in Person or On-line

A reading or consultation will introduce you to my specialised skills, wellness or healing services. To provide crystal clear direction on the best course of action unique to your situation.

From a challenging physical health conditions, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances, direction and guidance is assured.

Your session is unique as you, guidance is shared directly from your soul.

Using my  unique intuitive soul gifts, Naturopathic assessment, Medical Intuition, Esoteric Science training and my unique healing system ‘Platinum Alchemy’. I read your personal energy’s on many levels to  accurately access your many chakras and Akasha Soul Light to provide crystal clear direction and the best steps to achieve your desired outcome.

From your session I create a unique program so support you move into pure balance.

Modalities I Offer Clients

  • Detoxification
  • Heavy Metal detoxification
  • DNA healing
  • Biological  Ascension Health
  • Medical Intuitive Assessment
  • Entity Clearing – Spiritual Counselling
  • Naturopathic & Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • EMF sensitivity coaching
  • Naturopathic Nutrition
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Counselling
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety, Fear, Phobia & PTSD management & Treatment
  • Past Life Regression
  • Addiction management
  • Meditation
  • Energetic Healing
  • Psychic / Spiritual Healing
  • ERPT ElectroRegenesis deep cellular detoxification & rejuvenation therapy, healing, antioxidant Redox therapy
  • Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing and Energy Expansion Programs.heavy

To begin your journey of healing or awakening deeper into your soul light. Please choose one of my reading or consultation offerings below. I look forward to meeting your very soon

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Counselling

Readings for everyday life issues and soul guidance, we can look at love,  twin flames, career work, money, health, relationships, family, blocked chakras, chakra cleansing, spiritual healing, past life

I use a variety of esoteric sciences and psychic tools, plus communication with my guides, your guides and angels. I also work with tarot, astrology, numerology, platinum oracle cards, telepathy, clairaudience, dowsing plus more..

Through trust, listening, surrender, serendipity and living through my heart… that’s how I experience the psychic world. 

I would love to offer you guidance from your soul to open a new pathway, to heal your heart or resolve a problem.

seed of life

Platinum Health Consultation

$180 /90 minutes

A 90-minute zoom or phone session allows us to discover the areas of your health that are an immediate concern then work together to create a plan to bring health and renewed life force.


What is covered

  • Naturopath Herbal consultation includes detailed personal and current health history
  • Medical intuition energy assessment ie. energy blockages causing physical, emotional, or mental health problems.
  • Dietary advice for your constitution/condition
  • Ancestral lineage DNA blockages, addressing core beliefs, creating stress.
  • Step by step health or healing program developed with a report.
  • Stress management, relaxation, or creative visualization to support renewed health.
  • A personalized prescription may include any of the following detoxification, energy medicines, herbal medicines, flower essences, aromatherapy or nutritional supplementation, 
  • One short follow-up consultation to answer your questions and start your program to renew your health and life balance.

Products and pathology testing or health profiling if required are additional to your consultation.

Follow-up health consultations

Follow-up health consultations are provided according to each individual’s requirements. The following can give you guidelines.

1st follow-up, between 2 to 4 weeks 

2nd follow-up, between 4 to 8 weeks

3rd follow-up, between 8 to 12 weeks

Please use these links to book your follow-up.

seed of life

Platinum Alchemy Akashic Soul Ascension Program Reading

90 minute energy consultation  $555 

Your Soul reading focuses on your personal ascension, biological health and karmic evolution.



We cover

    • Your personal ascension gate and path, with many aspects to help you understand the personal initiations (life lessons – karma) you are experiencing connected to current life experiences.
    • Your ascension achilles heel, what you must focus on to ascend beyond any limitations you find yourself in. This your magic tool to keep you aligned through life.
    • Your new earth soul gifts and career you have come to share.
    • How much of your body has converted to crystalline the cellular crystalline conversion percentage measured by your current personal frequency.
    • Your Soul Gap – the frequency where you are now and the new frequency your soul is calling you to evolve into, to reconnect to your full potential,  joy, health, abundance and Soul Light connection & manifestation.
    • The current archetypal spiritual soul initiation, energy blocking you, how to work through this to open up more light to fuel your soul alignment and reclaim your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 
    • Your Soul keys, evolution and personal shadows – and how to work with them.
    • Your unique design – how to live in the new world energetically to be authentic to your soul’s purpose.
    • Your unique ascension path and the chakra portals to activate, clear and open into, to reach your highest spiritual potential in your life or to resolve your current archetypal energy blocks connected to your life circumstances and soul calling and enlightenment.
    • The ways I can support you to reach your goals, next steps on your life journey.
    • What a Platinum Alchemy Transformational personalised program is. What is required from you, your commitment to a 1:1 program and how it can rapidly increase your frequency, reduce your Soul Gap and shift you into the next version of you.

Who is a Platinum Alchemy Soul Ascension Program for

  • You know you are a light leader and to step fully into your soul life path you are looking for next level 1:1 support.


  • You understand that there are energies blocking your light and you want the highest level of spiritual-based support, psychotherapy, and emotional energetic support to lead you into personal higher light consciousness, and enlightenment to live your soul mission.


  • You know that to support your soul work and your next levels of awakening and healing, there is inner work to do and you are ready to step into the shadow work to bring so much more light and joy into your life.


  • You know you have potential to achieve what you want but have had difficulty because of past trauma from early childhood, adult or past life experiences.


  • You are dedicated to your personal healing and evolution of your soul path and are now ready to clear the way to bring through your unique soul gifts.


  • You have the passion and desire to take the next steps to obtain your goals.


  • You are looking for support to rapidly increase your light to support your tribe and be more fully connected and confident to follow your soul wisdom.

How Readings & Consultations are Conducted

I provide your reading via zoom, telephone or in my studio. Studio sessions are currently not available due to health restrictions.

All sessions are via distance, zoom or phone and are offered internationally,  your location holds no limitation – as I have been working remotely for over 16 years.


The booking link will take you to my calendar so you can self schedule your reading or consultation.

You will be asked a few questions so I can prepare for your reading or consultation.

At the time of booking you will be asked to confirm your reading via payment.

A full confirmation will be emailed to you with links for us to connect and all the details, this will give you a reminder. 

seed of life


Is the path to higher consciousness & freedom

Not Sure where to Start!

I invite you to have a 15 minute discovery call with me where we can meet and I can guide you on the best session for your situation.

Client Praise

Platinum Alchemy medical intuition, distant healing and consultations are a powerful way to receive highly focused and personalised 1:1 sessionsyour location is no barrier to the specialised soul program  or treatments I create for you. 

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