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Soul Retrieval & Entity Spirit Clearing

You CAN Feel Joyful, Focused, Clear, Expanded & Light again
with Source and the Angels Love & Light

Entity Clearing and Soul Retrieval is a specialised service developed and taught by Kim. 

This healing service is often essential before other forms of healing can begin and may be the only treatment required to begin deeper healing and move forward in your life.

Entities, thought forms and attachments are often lodged  and hiding in our DNA strands within our complex 44 chakra energy portals. 

When we begin to increase our personal vibration, through conscious intent or receive activations from healing, or experience the effects of astrological alignments, seasonal changes and even 5G or solar flare activity, entities often reveal themselves through  addictions, behaviours, extreme emotions or even a sense of feeling disconnected.

The only way these harassing energies can be dealt with is through directly locating them and removing them. Often healing the subconscious is always desirable.

Professional Entity Clearing is the best way to deal with them. Once they are removed higher aspects of our soul can properly integrate into our lower physical body. 

Because Entities and soul attachments are only seen by specially trained healers it is important to have a highly experienced healer working with you to fully remove these bothersome energies. 

This entity clearing and soul retrieval healings are only given after an initial assessment to determine the exact location and to provide you with essential information.

The Clearing Process


Energy Assessment

Step 1. 

Have your energy assessed to find the exact location and the reason why you are experiencing bothersome energies, ill health, depression, negative thoughts, low energy, anger, addictions, or antisocial behaviours.

Using the Platinum Alchemy Energy assessment tools and techniques I work very specifically to identify and locate the core area of concern. From this point I create a strategy to work together and resolve the problem. Each step is explained as I guide you through the process.

you are light

Spirit Detox Support & subconscious healing

Step 2.

As part of your session you will receive a special clearing pack to use with your session.  And a larger home care pack to use for 30 days following the clearing session. 

The Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines are powerful practitioner and self care energy tools to support ongoing clearing over 30 days, to heal through the layers  and dimensions where your light body extends. Support meditations and spiritual based worksheets  are also provided for deep nourishment, healing and support.

Angelic Alchemy Single Treatment Set

Return to Light

Step 3.

Once your clearing is completed we stay in touch over the next 30 days with a check-in assessment for 10-15 min weekly. This support provides essential follow-up so you know that you are on track.

At times more than one session may be required to fully clear the energies blocking your light. This will be determined and discussed in your Energy Assessment session.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Your session is given via remote distance healing. This is the most powerful focused way to clear your energy or the energy of a space. It allows the treatment or work to be delivered anywhere in the world. 

Most clients receiving Soul Retrieval and Entity clearing experience full clearing in one cycle of treatment. After your treatment we keep communications open weekly via email or txt message up to 4 weeks to make sure the clearing is fully complete. This is included in all Soul Retrieval and Entity clearing sessions.

Depending on your individual situation you may require more than one soul retrieval or entity clearing treatment. This will be determined in your initial assessment. 

Platinum Alchemy assessment techniques are very accurate and we work on the core issue, so the number of sessions is greatly minimised. Each case however is totally unique, this information is obtained in your assessment.

Over 28 years working with clients in soul retrieval and entity clearing we have found that the energy medicines are a magical ingredient for deeper clearing and healing, to fully heal any tear or distortion in the lower and higher subtle energies where entities and can attach to you providing a fuller and deeper treatment.

When clearing entities or working with soul retrieval your personal frequency is naturally expanded in the process. To prevent any future attachments occur, we teach you how to maintain you new higher level of frequency using specialised energy tools.

This automatically provides deeper subconscious healing for you and assists in the stabilization of your new expanded state.  Over many years working with clients using our unique clearing process, they have found it very supportive.   

To expand and stabilise your energy at the new higher conscious frequency for permanency. This takes the 4-6 weeks in most people as well as subconscious healing. 

I have created a special package to support clearing over 30 days. 

This includes 

1 x 1:1 energy assessment report | via zoom, (This $120  pre-paid assessment is deducted from your final payment)

4 x 1:1 follow-up sessions, via email, telephone or txt

1 x set of treatment products to support your remote clearing

1 x full 30 day home care set of (12 products)

1 x 1:1 60 min remote clearing


(this is a heavily discounted package to support you through this stressful process, a saving of over $800, reserved ONLY for this specialized clearing work)

*pricing is charged according to your currency eg *$AUD, *$USD, *$NZD, *$EUD etc

*international or domestic shipping is added to your order.

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Have More Questions?

Please send me an email with your questions and more information about your case.

I know how urgent it is, I promise to get back to you within 48 hours 

Email me here –  [email protected]

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