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Rewilding Alchemy May 2021

Your Personal Soul Archetypes


In this webinar you will discover and explore your personal archetypes. Through learning your personal archetypes allows you to fully feel at home within yourself. Following these basic rules will help you to feel safe and secure no matter what is going on in the world around you.

This means less doubt about who you really are and how you function in the world and it will also set up a healthy foundation to attract your people, soul mate or new like minded friends into your life.


ZOOM WEBINAR CLASS Enrol and learn more here  

2 x 1 hr – $55.00

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Make Great Soul Decisions


When you make decisions from your soul knowing, this empowers you to move into the next best direction for yourself without second guessing.

There a very specific things you must learn about your personal energy and how it works to

Discover your personal energy design, 

How to use your body to obtain an answer

How to make a sound decision, even when you don’t feel connected to your soul.


2 x 1 hr – $55.00

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Monthly Shamanic Group Healing & Meditation

Group healings create a powerful energy when there are more than 2 people.  STEP into your sovereignty and personal power through my new DIY supported system

Join me in our monthly Shamanic Healing and Meditation in the comfort of your own sacred space – after you prepare yourself I will guide  you into the Platinum Inner Earth Temples for collective healing and clearing with our Arcturian Angelic Light Brothers and Sisters waiting to support your next evolutionary step.

To join  register by the 15th of each month. The event will take place on the last Sunday of the month 4.30pm

2.5 hr healing event includes product purchase and 60 minute guided meditation, crystal bowl sound healing and shared discussion – 

A recording will be sent if you cannot attend on the day & time

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ReWilding Alchemy
Women's Circle

MONTHLY Gathering supporting women spirituality, emotionally and mentally through

Divine Feminine Embodiment teachings & practice

Earth & Healing Crafts | Meditation | Earth-based Seasonal Spirituality discussions and Angelic Healing | Fun & Laughter | Deeply nourishing and supportive | New Members welcome.

Full-Day Event 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

from $110 per workshop – First Sunday each month