‘ElvenStar’ collections pack


Experience the ElvenStar collection and treat yourself or someone special with all seven botanical fragrances in this great sample size pack. 2 ml sprays x 7 

Explore and experience your favourite Faerie Gateway

Gateway 1. Mystique Star [prosperity-sun]

Gateway 2. Deja Vu [friendships-trees]

Gateway 3. Siren [creativity-water]

Gateway 4. Dream [healing-devotion]

Gateway 5. Maeve [peace-balance]

Gateway 6. Vigoureux [love-magic]

Gateway 7. Freya [success-love]




…Real perfumes for conscious gods and goddesses

…100% natural with organic and botanical ingredients

…artisan perfume, alchemically blended for pure joy


cruelty free vegan

Additional information


7 x 2ml sample sprays


Pure alcohol (grain) (GMO free), Finest pure botanical essential oils sourced from around the world, FREE from artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.

Perfumers Note

Hand-made with a whole lot of crystalline starry light and love