Maeve ‘Maia’ botanical perfume


Soft, Feminine, Powdery
…Maeve ‘Maia’ supports prosperity and peace for the passage into Faery with a focus on balance in all things…


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Maia & The Faerie Gate 5.  Peace | Balance |Prosperity

Maeve botanical perfume supports prosperity and peace with a focus on balance in all things.

Spirit notes …

of citrus Grapefruit and Australian native Lemon Myrtle focus and cleanse your mind preparing you to open into your heart supported by heady herbal and exotic sweet aphrodisiac floral

Heart notes …

Hyssop and Ylang Ylang also provide relief to stress and support inner balance. All this is then grounded and rounded with

Earth notes …

of moss, all activated with quartz crystals for illumination and balance.

This fragrance ends in a beautiful feminine powdery dry down.

A traditional Chypre, blended for true perfume lovers

I call prosperity and peace into my life.

May I be wise in my abundant actions and share my prosperity to create peace in my world.

Inspired Notes: White grapefruit, Lemon myrtle, Hyssop, Ylang-ylang, Oakmoss


…Perfumes to increase your light frequency

…100% natural, organic, and botanical ingredients

…vegan, artisan perfume, alchemically blended to anchor light and joy

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0.5-1ml free with any shop purchase, 2ml trial, 5 ml dabber, 15 ml purse mist, 30ml round, 50 ml square


100% natural grain alcohol, pure essential oils, organic botanicals, Pleiadian, and platinum ray-activated.

Perfumers Note

Maeve – 'warrior spirit to support abundance and peace in the world'

Takes us on a sensory journey through …

Energetically you are awakened as your mind is connected to your spirit and you are taken on a journey within to reconnect to your heart and the manifestation power of joy only available through the heart.

Archetype Image – Divine Feminine Warrior free and powerful to create her new world.


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