‘Siren’ botanical perfume


…the elemental spirit of water creates an opening for divine feminine leaders to flow into the power of pure creative energy to activate creative and regenerative powers…


The Sacred Faerie Gateway 3…

Siren – connects you to the spirit of water and creativity opening you into the power of pure creative energy activating your regenerative powers.

Spirit notes of citrus, mint and green herbal call our attention to awaken and focus the mind connecting you to soul light…

then heart-opening white and lavender flowers support your creative heart open deeper enhanced with a touch of pure green forest notes to connect you to nature…,

all grounded with deep earth grass notes and an added touch of pure white pearls deepen the connection to your sensual self and the healing of the ocean.


…Real perfumes for conscious gods and goddesses

…100% natural with organic and botanical ingredients

…artisan perfume, alchemically blended for the pure joy


cruelty free vegan


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5 ml, 15 ml, 30ml, 50 ml