Mystique Star botanical perfume


‘…for souls who are unique, powerful, introvert and individual, deep thinkers who aspire to a meaningful life’ …

The Sacred Faerie Gateway 1…

Connects you to be the seducer of power, will, justice, prosperity

supporting your soul light the seductive goddess is enchanted with…

Spirit Notes of Citrus Mandarin and Orange… from pure sparkle and focus draws your attention to connect to your power …

Heartwarming notes of spicy cinnamon gently caress your heart and connect you with the pure uplifting scent and subtle seduction of orange blossoms…

Grounding notes of grasses, moss, herbs and soothing vanilla bring the starry seductive goddess back to earth to share her delights with you…

… all is finally activated with star and healing energies timelessly held with rock quartz crystal and platinum light.

Oh Seductive Goddess come play with me, I need to feel your wild love and spirit warm my heart and soul to ignite my passionate fire and allow my wings to fly…

Artisan 100% Natural and Organic Perfumes by Ohlara,  Kim Lansdowne-Walker Alchemist-Perfumer

cruelty free vegan



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5 ml dabber, 15 ml purse mist, 30ml round, 50 ml square


100% natural grain alcohol, pure essential oils, orange, mandarin, cinnamon, orange blossom, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla bean, oakmoss, angelica, platinum ray activated quartz.

Perfumers Note

Mystique Star – 'you have the power to seduce anything your heart desires'

Takes us on a sensory journey through orange orchards filled with orange blossom then into the world of home baked spices, eating cinnamon scrolls and vanilla bean, grounded by a walk in the mossy forest, foraging for herbs and grasses to create a spell of deep desire seducing the senses for love, prosperity and balance in life.

Energetically you are awakened as your mind is connected to your spirit and you are taken on a journey within to reconnect to your heart and the manifestation power of joy only available through the heart.

Archetype Image – Divine Feminine Goddess free and powerful to create her new world.