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Gem Elixirs

“Crystals are windows or portals to the levels of the ethers which represent the higher dimensions in both consciousnesses and even in the activity of physics.”

Gem elixirs hold the energetic imprint of a crystal or gem. When taken internally they allow us to remember our higher nature. They provide access to the portals and higher dimensions in humans, through the ethers supporting alignment with the soul.

PureBalance gem elixirs are made over very specific cycles in time, to integrate the planetary energies and ascending earth consciousness to support our next levels of evolution as humans.

All single dose bottles come in 30ml, the dose is 7 drops morning and evening in pure water or under the tongue.

Alcohol is used as a natural preservative in all dose bottles.

To remove alcohol from your drops place them in hot water and wait for 1 minute before taking them.

All of our Gem Elixirs, Flowers Essence dose bottles can be ordered free from alcohol. If you require this please send us a message and we are happy to make them for you. The shelf life of these is limited to the 6 weeks and should be stored in a refrigerator.

Combination Elixirs. We offer our Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicine range as a specialised combination range. These are blended with our Australian Wild Flower essences. They provide powerful conscious activation and openings supporting deeper soul infusion and embodiment.

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