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Platinum Alchemy Ascension Detox Kits

Oneness Alchemy Collection

Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicine Home Detox Kits have been developed by Kim with the guidance of the Platinum Elohim. Kim has used these detox kits as a part of client healing programs since 1995.

Detoxification is the first step to healing any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health concern.

These kits include all the professional products used in a private healing session. It is your DIY self-care kit to clear you energetically, emotionally and physically to take back your health and wellness.

Platinum Alchemy Home Detox Kits come in 12 types. Each kit addresses a specific group of karmic or life lessons that an initiate moves through to increase their personal vibration.

The complete combination of products in a kit treats all energy bodies at once and provides deep cellular memory clearing to support a rapid shift in perception to create a positive healing response.

While you use the kit it is recommended that you also have access to a Platinum Alchemy Healer for coaching or healing support or your energetic healer or counsellor who understands the Platinum Alchemy Transformational healing process.

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