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Ascension Healing

Platinum Alchemy for Light Leaders

Ready to ignite your transformation with the potent energy of Source Love and Light?

Step into your full potential—experience joy, focus, clarity, expansiveness, and light effortlessly.
Become a radiant light leader by confidently embracing your soul's purpose with Platinum Alchemy Ascension Healing and coaching.

Ready to unleash your unique gifts upon the world?
Act now and let your soul’s brilliance shine!

Unlock the limitless potential of your life and universe with
Platinum Alchemy Transformational Ascension!

I See You, your Soul & your unique Gifts

While your perspective is vast, Platinum Alchemy sees even beyond, offering a clear path to your highest potential. Let me guide you in confidently reclaiming your light, health, motivation, and soul purpose, awakening deeper into your truth.

In crafting your unique Soul Ascension Healing Path, I connect with your highest potential self, your Soul, and guides on the inner planes. With their wisdom, I provide support across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, facilitating rapid soul evolution.

Utilizing my medical intuitive gifts, I become your personal alchemist, coach, healer, or mentor. I pinpoint the core of any imbalance, and work with my light team correcting and restoring balance. Together, we navigate through karmic healing, chakra clearing, shadow work, and releasing ancestral programs, reprogramming beliefs or DNA hindering your progress.

Through our collaboration, you’ll gain the tools to nurture your ongoing personal ascension, conscious evolution, and health. Expand your frequency, bridging the ‘Soul Gap’ as you embark on a transformative journey.

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Soul Gap Coaching program

Example of increase in personal frequency over a 6 month program. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

How I work with you

Soul Development 


I developed Ascension Healing aka Platinum Alchemy Transformation Healing (PATH) with the guidance of my soul guides and Arcturian Councils of Light after an NDE 40 years ago. 

I work with your soul, your guides and my guides to bring you to a new place of light consciousness and ascended evolution, guiding you beyond the Karma or attachment that is creating a problem or health crisis in your life.  

Your Ascension Healing PATH is specifically developed for you from your soul light through reading your personal Askashic records at the highest levels. 

Ascension Healing ‘Platinum Alchemy’ is an advanced energetic healing and soul ascension evolutionary coaching & mentoring system. 

Your PATH includes transformational healing through deep nourishment, awakening subconscious and shadow work, daily self-care rituals and products, worksheets and meditations for your unique guided inner journey work, and emotional/mental and soul purification practices all aimed to address  the exact location to transform existing and unconscious Karma.


Chakra Evolution

Chakras both lower and interdimensional


assess your whole energy system before and after each session to provide continual updates on how you are progressing. 

You will naturally feel the rapid expansion each time we work on clearing  specific inter-dimensional chakras or the 7 lower chakras. 

Clearing blockages in chakras, chakra portals, and the light pathways interconnecting the chakras as well as the many strands of DNA is essential to the process of rapid energy expansion. 

 (Human evolution and crystalline conversion take us through an initiation process unravelling 5000 levels of awareness to reach 5D bodhisattva consciousness. The Archetypes blocking your soul light are released and transformed to a new balanced outlook in life)

Rapid Transformation  & Healing


Platinum Alchemy is unique in accessing these deeper levels of blocked consciousness to allow rapid healing and evolution to occur,  this results in rapid shifts in personal vibration and your ability to hold more light within each cell.

As each chakra or group of cells is cleared, what has been blocking your life-force or connecting to your Soul is consciously released allowing you to embody more of your direct soul light and consciousness.


Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing -Soul frequency graph

Example of increase in personal frequency over 14 month program. NB. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

Example of increase in personal frequency over 11 month program. NB. Increases vary for each individual according to their program progress.

Shadow Work

I work with my Light Team to Clear What has been Blocking your Light

l locate and see shadow aspects of your inner world which are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential or affecting your health. 

As shadow is balanced or attachment is cleared in remote or distance healing sessions, I guide and support you with counselling, meditations, coaching and mentoring over the course of a 4-week cycle.

 Completion of the inner work is essential to  fully release any karma and shadows connected to a blocks in light consciousness. 

Reduce Your Soul Gap

We work together to reduce the gap between where your current Personal Vibration is and the  Personal Vibration your soul and body is ready to embrace, to achieve your life or health goals.

This is what reducing the ‘Soul Gap’ is. It allows you to access more of your own light resources or gifts to live outside the matrix. 

Protective Light Portal

A protective portal of light is created so you can fully dance and unravel your inner worlds.


As I work with you, for the duration, my light team support you with next level soul protection. You are taught how to tap into this with very specific daily self care rituals. 

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Find out if we are a perfect match

If so, I will invite you to have a Light Leader Soul Ascension Reading, to explore your greatest potential self.

Light-leader Soul Ascension Reading

The reading will focus on your soul ascension path. The Light – Leader Soul Ascension Reading goes deep, to cover the many areas required to navigate soul ascension. To help you understand your souls ascension potential via the karmic initiations you are journeying through in  this life. And the Karma required to pass through to manifest your big goals to support your dream life and service.

A full report is emailed to you along with an audio recording.

A 30 minute follow up session is included to discuss your soul map and report.

There is no obligation to go further if it’s not right for you.


Platinum Alchemy Soul Ascension is for you if...

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“In this transformative journey, it’s important to note that the path ahead is designed for those with a resilient spirit. 

Navigating the depths of self-discovery and rapid soul evolution requires courage and an open heart. 

If you’re ready to embrace the transformative journey with determination and an adventurous spirit, then this is the perfect space for you.”

How Sessions
are Provided

The  ZERO-COST session will be provided via zoom. You can receive this no matter where you are located.  

Simply, select a time in my booking calendar via one of the booking links and all the confirmation details will be sent directly to your email.

If there is no time that works for you please drop me an email with a few days and times and we can communicate on the best time. 


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Is the path to higher consciousness & freedom

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