Enlightenment Platinum Ascension Alchemy single treatment pack


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“I allow energy to flow through me to remember my creativity”


Golden Solar, Causal

This gateway appears for clearing when we are going through new levels of awareness and needing to let go of the old so we can be reborn into the new with a totally new understanding of ourselves. Offers deep insight, purification, and protection as we are clearing.

A complete 2-hour energetic healing, spiritual, emotional, and mental detox in the privacy of your own home.

Includes 7 practitioner products from the Platinum Ascension Alchemy energy healing range

Colour Ray Invocation and card | Organic Herbal tea | Flower and Gem Elixir | Aura Clearing Mist |Chakra Oil | 1 hr guided Shamanic, Temple & Crystal Bowl Healing | Crystal Detox Bath | Instructions


Enlightenment Platinum Ascension Alchemy single treatment pack offers a complete energy healing and spiritual, emotional, mental detoxification over 2 hrs in the privacy of your own home.

A combination of Enlightenment Energy Medicines used in 1:1 sessions with Kim along with the Enlightenment Shamanic Healing Temple, 1-hour guided inner journey.  Through Kim’s voice light codes are channeled, along with the powerful healing and clearing frequencies of the crystal bowls and light language.

Cellular purification and connecting to your inner wisdom will be accomplished by following the step-by-step instructions for your Enlightenment Platinum Ascension Alchemy Healing.

Kits work on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Soul level, to bring greater awareness, purification, and alignment to all levels of your being.

This kit can also be used by healers on their clients – it will accelerate any healing modality given if used correctly.

Platinum Ascension Alchemy Healing packs are a combination of Energy Medicines, Crystal Detox and Energetic Aromatherapy, and High Vibe ascension rays to support rapid cellular and DNA detox in preparation to enter the 5th Dimension. Created and developed by naturopath-herbalist-shaman, Kim Lansdowne-Walker (aka Ohlara Amohba Taja Suventit).

Each kit is made to order,  allow up to 7 days for your kit to be made and shipped to you.

For international orders, please contact Kim before ordering for your correct shipping price, you will then be invoiced via PayPal.


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Self Love Platinum Alchemy, Earth Spirit Platinum Alchemy, Tranquility Platinum Alchemy, Goddess Platinum Alchemy, Joy Platinum Alchemy, Meditation Platinum Alchemy, Angelic Platinum Alchemy, Awakening Platinum Alchemy, Transition Platinum Alchemy, Peace Platinum Alchemy, Enlightenment Platinum Alchemy, Oneness Platinum Alchemy


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