Flannel Flower Essence with Herkimer Diamonds


Flannel Flower

Actinotus helianthi | Infused with Herkimer diamonds

‘lacking physical sensitivity’ | ‘gentleness, sensitive touch for divine masculine’

Healing Properties – Safer intimacy expression and connection. Joy in touch, sensuality, and trust.

Supportive for Divine Masculine to bring into balance and restore the comfort of being touched. Opens divine masculine to sensitivity in trusting, joy and sensuality.

The divine masculine may have difficulties with personal boundaries due to past experiences or trauma causing them to withdraw and feel uncomfortable with intimacy, and they may take on another persona to deal with their struggles.

The sensuous feel of Flannel flower begs one to touch it and absorbs its soothing and calming energies activated with its pure radiance, connection to the sun and earth, grounding and protecting so trust can be regained and the divine masculine can feel safe in the self-expression of inner feelings.

It brings enjoyment to physical expression for the divine masculine aspects of both men and women as it creates balance.

Also in Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing Range

‘Awakening’ Platinum Alchemy Gem & Flower Essence


Take 4-7 drops in water two, or under the tongue to two to four times a day.



What are Flower Essences?

Pure Balance® flower essences hold the vibrational energy imprints of flowers. Each flower has its own energy ‘Life Force”, which is the highest vibrational aspect of a plant. This has been transferred into pure water and stabilized further with our unique alchemical processes to create a beautiful essence which integrates, earth, you and the stars providing new levels of awareness supporting a return to PureBalance.  The individual flowers hold their own alchemy and connection to the earth, you and stars as they work on the subtle layers of your personal energy system. Flower essences can awaken the mind, calm the emotions and allow for new pathways of energy, light and sound to work through your chakras, meridians and axiatonal spin points ‘activating a new energy pathway system supporting personal transformation into light consciousness.  Flower essences are wonderful remedies to support life change and can help with limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours creating confusion, lethargy, stagnation and even depression.

Pure Balance® Flower essences are made from Australian wildflowers, created on-site in nature. Each essence has been sourced from many wildcrafting ventures.


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