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Peace Alchemy Aura Mist


“I AM at Peace and relax into life”

Peace Alchemy Aura mist has been developed for ascension symptoms, fully charged with Platinum Rays and source light codes to support you through times of deep transformation and 10th-level Lightbody integration.

The fragrance and energy in Peace Alchemy aura mist is a calling card for the source Platinum Creator Angels to provide rapid comfort, support, and cleansing of your energy bodies.

  • Creator Light Codes
  • Platinum Rays
  • Source Rays
  • Gems
  • Flower Essences
  • Absolute and Pure Essential Oils

Emotional care for addictions, self-hate, entity attachment, karmic release

Supports inner wisdom, balanced emotion, and a peaceful mind, aura purification

Fragrance – Rosy, citrus, uplifting, delicate, safe for all ages

Includes Peace Platinum Alchemy Invocation Card to keep your products activated

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Creator Light Codes
Platinum Rays
Source Rays
Flower Essences
Absolute and organic essential oils as fragrance


30 ml / 1 oz


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