Borage Flower Essence with Herkimer Diamonds



Borago officinalis | Infused with Herkimer diamonds

‘Supports Lightness of the Heart’ | ‘brings Angelic support’

Healing Properties:

Borage flower essence is a heart remedy, for the feeling of heaviness in the heart and even throughout the body.

Borage helps the heart discover the courage to find light-filled optimism in all matters of life, especially when one is burdened with worry.

Angelic in nature it fills the soul with the creative light force, optimism, and enthusiasm allowing one to begin to shine brightly with inspiration in the world.

Borage as a single essence is best used on individuals who are new to the vibrational healing effects of flower essences, to begin lifting a heavy heart burdened by life’s demands.

Borage gently clears enough to support your soul’s essence when encouragement is needed to move forward with the grace and ease of supporting the inner life.


Take 4 to 7 drops in water two to four times a day.

Use in cycles of 7, 14, or 21 days until inner balance is achieved



About Pure Balance Flower Essences?

Pure Balance® flower essences hold the vibrational energy imprints of the flowers they have been made with. Each flower has its own energy ‘Life Force”, which is the highest vibrational aspect of a plant. This ‘Lifeforce’ is transferred into pure water and stabilized further with our unique alchemical processes to create a beautiful essence that integrates, earth, you, and the stars to provide new levels of awareness and support a return to PureBalance.

Each individual flower holds its own alchemy and connection to the earth, you, and stars. When you ingest flower essences they from the inside out on the subtle layers of your personal energy system.

Flower essences can awaken the mind, calm the emotions and allow new pathways of energy, light, and sound to work through your whole energetic system, the chakras, meridians, and axiatonal spin points, activating a new energy pathway system supporting your personal transformation into higher light consciousness and an expanded frequency.

Flower essences are wonderful remedies to support life change and can help with limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, dis-ease patterns and behaviors, creating confusion, lethargy, stagnation, and even depression.

Pure Balance® Flower essences are handmade and wildcrafted they have been collected at unique times and places to capture the resonance of a specific time and energy signature which is designed to support our present personal evolution.

Why did we add Herkimer Diamonds to our flower essence range?

In 1999, the channeled body of work I have completed with the Arcturian light being healers for light leaders, lightworkers, star seeds, and healers introduced me to an amazing channel that gifted me a huge Herkimer diamond. I was given this special Herkimer diamond to learn and share more about the ascension process that humanity was preparing to undergo so I could support myself and others coming forward for mentoring and healing.

There are many special gems and crystals, but Herkimer’s are truly for this time in history. They are powerful ascension tools for lightworkers, healers, and those on an awakening path as they hold special frequencies to help us understand our own unique nature.

The most powerful message from the Herkimer for this time is that their energy helps us to ‘begin again in our lifetime’, as well as allowing us to recognize our own inner space and to remember there is  ‘nothing to become‘ – what we have been seeking is only to be actualized! A beautiful message for each one of us.

Herkimer energy assists in clearing the body-mind system of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing a total relaxation and expansion of the life force which greatly supports our personal increasing frequency.

Herkimer is also attunement stones and will stimulate clairvoyance, clairaudience and assist in prescience and telepathic communication. All these attributes are part of our personal awakening process. Adding Herkimer energy into this flower essence range provides a rapid action to support those ready to awaken and understand their inner nature.

‘Nothing to become’, simply relaxing into life to connect to our deeper wisdom where our true answers will come forth. Herkimer truly speaks sacred wisdom to those ready to listen as he shows us how to detoxify and clear the many programs that have corrupted our true essence. This is the essence of Platinum Alchemy Transformation.

Herkimer goes a step further and supports the clearing of radiation and supports the reflection of these harmful rays. It helps disperse toxins that have been held in the body and supports re-building the cellular structure which is essential in biological crystalline conversion. It also relaxes rigidity in the tissue cells as it supports detoxification supporting each flower essence to work as speedy as possible in remembering and releasing emotional memory and energy blockages creating imbalances of body, emotions, mind, and soul.



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