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Room Detox Spirit Detox – Wax Melt 20hrs


Crystal Detox – Room Detox Wax Melts provide a lovely grounded and clear aroma in a room, enhancing an uplifted mood for all who enter.

The experience of our unique aromatherapy fragrance which grounds energies clears and balances emotion and creates a peaceful space.

100% natural ingredients and pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended by naturopath-medical herbalist and energetic healer and for your health and wellbeing.


cruelty free vegan

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Crystal Detox Room Detox Wax Melts have been developed to support the energetic clearing of your personal space and rooms. To provide a relaxed and clear space supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

Each wax melt provides a lovely grounded feeling as the aromatherapy is released to clear low energies. Your room space energies cleared and enhanced, uplifting the mood for all who enter. The experience of our unique aromatherapy fragrance is calming, grounding, relaxing and purifying to the mind, emotions and spirit.

Each wax melt lasts 20 plus hours

Crystal Detox Wax Melt Ingredients:

Our Pure Aromatherapy fragrance (all-natural) is purposefully blended with the following pure essential oils

The essential oils used have been historically documented to provide the following benefits

Black Pepper – supports | Connection to solar energy |Calms anxiousness and worry | Anti-depressant |supporting cognitive ability |Release negative feelings | Self-empowerment |Mental stamina.

Myrtle – supports | Air purification kills germs and other microorganisms in the atmosphere |Alleviate stress|Suppress negative feelings| Induce better sleep| Augment self-confidence.

Vetiver – supports | Instilling confidence | Transforms the aura of nature flawlessly | Uplifting, soothing, healing, calming with shielding properties | Tranquillity | Cooling to the body | Energized brain cells | Stabile emotions | Pacifying hurtful thoughts and anger | Opening the crown and root chakras | Inner wisdom | Linking with the divine force | Fighting agonizing stress |Deep depression | Releasing negative energies that drive you | Release from attachment to misleading worldly pleasures | ADHD and ADD |Alleviating emotional stress | Nervousness |Panic attacks | Trauma, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria and debility | Stabilizes the mind |Strengthens the nervous system | Increases libido | Strengthens the reproductive system.

Eucalyptus leaf – supports  | Respiratory cleanser and lung support | Sinus and nasal clearing |The breath |Cooling and calming to the mind | Repair negative emotions |Alleviates stress, mental fatigue and depression due to illness |Increases mental power | Mental focus with clear emotions.

Petitgrain – supports |Mental clarity |Trauma recovery |Relaxes the mind | Balancing addictions | Mental depression | Insecurity | Peaceful Sleep | Strengthen the nervous system

Platinum Alchemy Ray Source light-activatedprovides clearing and releasing negative energies to source allows space for higher energies to flow through all levels.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Room Spirit Detox Wax Melt

2 wax melts

Vegan friendly Ingredients:

100% natural pure essential oils, soy wax, Black Pepper, Myrtle, Vetiver, Eucalyptus leaf, Petitgrain, Platinum Alchemy Ray Source light activated


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