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Platinum Earth Spirit 28 day healing pack


Earth Spirit Alchemy 28-day ascension pack (8 products plus 1:1 energy audit with Ohlara)


Confusion | Anxiety | Feelings of doom & gloom | Repressed Anger | Ancestral Repression

Understanding | Stability | Initiation | Clear Psychic perception | Grounded


“I am being supported,  I am getting stronger, I love and care for myself”


Thirds Eye | Heart | Base of Spine

Earth Spirit supports the energetic clearing, of mental fog and replaces it with clarity. In times of doom and gloom, it provides relief through grounding and encouraging stability, cleansing and enhancing psychic centres for a deeper understanding of the core of soul repression and feelings of depression and repressed anger trying to integrate. It provides powerful support as we move through deeper awakening and clear out our repressed cellular memory.

Earth Spirit works to clear the 6th-dimensional etheric blueprint as it begins to be flooded with light and begins to release the 4th-dimensional structures which tie us into karmic experiences across all lifetimes. You may be feeling disorientated along with having bouts of “flu” symptoms. Earth Spirit supports cellular clearing as you may be lying in bed saying “Why am I here?”, and “Who am I?” You may have been working with your ‘Soul’ (the differentiated part of you) for a long time, but now it’s ‘Spirit’, that is the undifferentiated part of you that’s calling you to totally connect to the ONE Source.

You’ve got this you likely require the right energy tools like Earth Spirit Ascension pack to support you through this process as you are releasing the 4th dimensional structures. They will begin to spin in the geometry of your emotional body, mental and spiritual bodies. Change is occurring very rapidly now, what you are experiencing is very physical and you are likely very tired.

A 28-day Platinum Alchemy energetic healing journey for spiritual, emotional, and mental detox and transformation in the privacy of your own home.

Support ADD-ON Spiritual Ascension Coaching/Healing 

Learn More about remote ascension healing with Kim

Learn more about ascension coaching – programs and or soul ascension readings with Kim



A 28-day Platinum Alchemy energetic healing journey for spiritual, emotional, and mental detox in the privacy of your own home.

Includes 8 practitioner products from the Earth Spirit Alchemy Energy Medicines with full instructions and an initial ascension energy assessment.

  • Earth Spirit Alchemy Aura Clearing Mist | 30ml
  • Earth Spirit Alchemy Flower and Gem Elixir | 10 ml
  • Earth Spirit Alchemy Chakra Oil | 5 ml
  • Earth Spirit Alchemy cellular support and detox organic tea | 60 gm
  • PDF instruction book
  • Earth Spirit Healing Colour Ray Invocations
  • Earth Spirit 1 hr fully guided Turtle Shamanic, Temple & Crystal Bowl Healing (28-day use)
  • Earth Spirit Alchemy Shadow worksheet – personally chosen in the energy coaching session
  • 45 min energy coaching session with Kim

1:1 Spiritual Healing and Ascension Coaching Add Ons

Learn More about remote ascension healing with Kim

Learn more about ascension coaching – programs and or soul ascension readings with Kim

Who is this for?

  • If you are ready to consciously let go of what no longer supports your life.
  • If you are in a leadership role and ready to increase your personal frequency
  • If you are ready to look within to transform your life, love, and health, for Soul aligned success.
  • A lightworker, leader or energy healer looking for rapid clarity on the next steps
  • A thought leader ready to shift through shadows to obtain a deeper level of your own wisdom to support your next steps
  • If you’re acting like a victim and require help to detox that sh_t right out of you.
  • You feel blocked by your past and ancestral ties and are ready to listen to your soul’s wisdom to live a higher-aligned spiritual life.
  • You get shadow work and don’t need someone to hold your hand.
  • You are an energy healer, bodyworker, shamanic healer, or spiritual-psychic healer and want to use amazing products to support your sessions and clients awaken as fast as possible
  • If you’re a healer you might like to contact me for a chat to learn about healer training.

What’s it all about?

Earth Spirit Alchemy’s 28-day ascension energy healing pack supports deeper healing and ascension support. Energy healing, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical detoxification working 24 hrs a day over 28 days.

28-day homecare packs provide cellular and DNA purification to rapidly connect you to your soul light, gifts, and inner wisdom.

Platinum Alchemy Healing packs are a combination of Energy Medicines, Crystal Detox Zeolite Minerals, Energetic Aromatherapy, and High Vibe ascension colour rays, crystalline energies, and source light codes to support rapid cellular and DNA detoxification in preparation to enter the 5th Dimension, your higher heart, and higher conscious 5th-dimensional state. These formulas are the result of new formulations and channelled healing techniques, received from 1995 to 2004 from our brothers and sisters in light and Oneness through Ohlara Amohba Taja Suventit,  Kim). All tested and used in a natural health practice and spiritual-based psychotherapy clinical health and spa setting over 25 years.

Each kit is made to order,  allow up to 7 days for your kit to be made and shipped to you.

International orders: 

contact Kim for the correct shipping price, and you will be invoiced via PayPal.


Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 8 cm


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