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This is your chance to relax, chill out and enjoy deeply nurturing and rejuvenating alternative energetic healing spa treatments that support healing, balance & personal transformation returning you to light.

Are you ready for some deeply nurturing chill time?

Hi, I’,m Kim Lansdowne-Walker and the owner of Pure Balance and the Avoca Beach Energetic Health Spa.

I have many passions and providing nurturing hands-on healing treatments is one. I enjoy sharing and helping you restore balance in your life through my deeply nourishing and nurturing energetic healing spa system, I also love to share how you can care for yourself at home and offer simple self-care solutions that will assist you to return to life balance.

I invite you to explore the variety of my signature Platinum Alchemy energetic spa treatments . 

Since working as a medical intuitive, naturopath herbalist, healer, educator and spiritual mentor and guide to 1000’s of clients over 35 yrs I have selected my favourite signature Platinum Alchemy energy spa treatments to share with you.

These are the ones I love to give and receive. From developing and using these energetic health spa treatments over 20 years, this collection of treatments offer the greatest rejuvenation of body and mind, with an energetic focus within the chakras and subtle energy system.

I give you my guarantee they will exceed your expectations of spa treatments to fully support you deeply relax and unwind, return you to balance, and feel grounded clear.

Body treatment & Healing

massage, eastern and Ayurveda healing and body treatments integrate a range of natural therapies and energetic healing practices to provide a deeply nurturing balancing and healing experience.

Facials &

facials are a truly holistic experience and the presence of organic sacred aromas, combined with energetic healing and ancient healing practices like Ayurveda, offer deep nourishment, healing and balance to the mind-body and skin. My products use active organic ingredients and are made specially for your treatment. 

Healing packages

packages offer the ultimate experience in soul and spa energetic healing treatments. Each package has more then 6 modalities integrated to provide the ultimate rejuvenation oneness experience for your body, emotions, mind and soul.

How the Platinum Alchemy integrated spa system evolved

 As a highly sensitive person I started life with many allergies , antibiotics, lotions and potions which lead to a lifetime of ongoing sensitivities.  At 19 I had  a near death accident where I met 12  Angelic Celestial light beings who supported my body to heal. They told me that they would return later in my life. At this time unbeknown, my gifts of healing were activated and I started my own personal journey to overcome the emotional trauma, physical scaring and many uncertainties I was faced with, from surviving gas gangrene, extensive skin grafting-scaring, unresolved blood clots and renal failure.   My search for alternative ways to care for my health, emotions and mind resulted in a lifetime of studying many mind-body therapies, eastern forms of energy healing and naturopathy. 

 Through my search for personal healing the Angelic Celestial light beings returned as my intuitive & healing gifts were further developed. I was then able to communicate with them and shown ways to integrate the many modalities I had trained in, during this time I was also given plant medicine and essence healing formulations to accompany treatments. Many ancient wisdom tools were accessed and I was shown how to use these in an integrated way to bring the body, emotions and mind into balance to help people to rapidly evolve consciously into light.  

In 1999 I was introduced to the Day Spa industry as it was in its infancy in Australia. It was from this time I began providing ‘Platinum Alchemy” integrated spa treatments as part of a larger energetic healing system that I was being guided to create. 

Platinum Alchemy foundations are based on my personal search for health and wellness with a focus on ‘sovereignty ‘remembering and embodying who we really are, ‘listening’ to our own unique wisdom and allowing ourselves to be deeply ‘nurtured’ to support our increase in light.


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Opening hours

We are open on Saturdays, prior booking is essential. If you cannot attend on a Saturday feel free to contact me to see if I have any other availability. 

  • Saturday: 9AM - 6PM

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