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February 2022 lightworker energies

Dear Lightworker friend,

This month’s news is a long one, make sure you grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

Here we are already in February 2022. Wasn’t January powerful with the huge influx of the Great Central Sun energies?

What I did in January…

I guided some very special souls who chose to join with me over the month and consciously enter deeper into the Great Central Sun energies for deeper exploration of their galactic self and signature, also known as Mayan Astrology. Ancient, but I believe it is one of the most forward-thinking forms of astrology at its time for lightworkers, healers, starseeds and those on a path of increasing vibration.

The Arcturian light beings reminded me to share Platinum Alchemy more as I was called to re-explore Mayan Astrology to do this. 

January was powerful with so many downloads and towards the end of January it’s been a time of deeper integration.

A little story on TRUST the Arcturians want me to share

Over 20 years ago when I opened my Health Spa I was shown to give all healing treatments in a natural spa-like environment. The mud-brick studio I work in now was a true gift 20 years ago. 

For that to come into my life I was challenged at a survival level to let GO and follow my heart and guidance yet once again. It was one of the most challenging times in my life. I was one week away from becoming homeless with my family and about to lose my business premises as well. I felt like I was about to be thrown into the fire pit. I was so focused on the future and nearly made myself sick with worry as I tried my hardest to look for another house and place to work from. Every attempt turned into a dead end and I had been doing this for 6 weeks by now. The only option left to me, was to LET GO and pray, so that’s what I did.

As I went to bed that night I called in my guides and Angels and said,

“I surrender! I fully surrender, please show me the way”

What happened overnight, I would call a miracle, and my family and I were blessed, instead of falling into the fire pit. This huge leap took LETTING GO. In that moment of fully surrendering I was blessed with a new home, complete with an organic mud brick studio to work from.

I have been truly blessed to have these experiences ‘holding the line’ and staying focused on my heart and my big dream. Now over 20 years later I still live in my favourite beachside village. 

It has been here in my mud brick studio that I have been able to develop Platinum Alchemy, create the energy medicines and over 100 signature healing spa treatments, which were originally given Mayan names and glyphs.

In the early years, I went for a deep dive into Mayan language, symbols, and meanings. As I did this I felt so confused, but a part of me also felt deeply excited about what I was doing so I kept going until I completed the task. Now I am being shown another cycle of evolution with the Maya.

Sometimes we forget how blessed we truly are. Every day Rob and I are so grateful for everything we have built in our life. It takes time to create something sustainable in 3D. Being patient has been one of my biggest lessons in life.

Instead of letting our foundations go, we have chosen to evolve and transform ourselves, to build on them better. Even when things have been deeply challenging, we both have had to transcend our own personal demons.

I feel that this huge energy influx we have just moved through has definitely taken me full circle.

Have you experienced this too?

Like Mayan astrology, everything moves in cycles or circles. If you look inside an old clock or watch you see many different-sized cogs, all working together in unison to provide the exact time.

The Mayan Calendar, or Tzolk’in, is composed of 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers, making a 260-day calendar. These are just 2 of the cogs working together, but there are several more and they show us what the energies are doing in the different timelines and dimensions and how we can work with our personal galactic signature and even navigate to 5D. Our personal Mayan Astrology is like a map that shows us who we really are.

This sounds in-depth hey?

Well to go a little further, In the last months, I had the realisation that Platinum Alchemy creates the clearing and opening to support our move more fully beyond our galactic signature with our unique path back to our star homes. It provides a unique path to clearing the karma that we have been born into. It is the healing aspect that reveals the shadows created through our original DNA that was shut down through the many drops in consciousness that have occurred through many cycles of time. 

Platinum Alchemy soul mapping (Akashic Soul Readings) create maps to support us to move back to ONENESS. Platinum, Gold, and many many Ray frequencies are used to bring this about. As well as entry into the inner plane earth temples where the Arcturian Healers and our star home healers meet us to support deeper soul work. Our personal soul mapping shows us the fasted way to receive what we are truly wanting in life, as it reconnects our strands of DNA that have been disconnected. This creates rapid access to more light and consciousness to fuel our path home.

This all might sound a bit cosmic and esoteric at this time to you, but I guarantee this is powerful and actually does work. I have worked with clients 1:1 this way for over 20 years now.

Full Circle Realisations

When you go full circle, ‘ascend’ through a process, it feels really magical because you experience another level of awakening, and understand from a deeper level why you have experienced what you have, and how you have been guided through your life. This is a normal lightworker and concsious journey but everyone’s journey and story is unique to them, as their own soul expresses and experiences life.

At the end of the day, all roads do lead back to Rome.

I felt compelled to share more with you this month in case it may help you if you feel lost or stuck.

Let’s look at the energies of the month now… 

Each month I do a collective reading for the energies we are all experiencing or about to experience. I’ve always found these very accurate and hope they help you to navigate through your month. They are based on galactic energy flows, Platinum Alchemy and Mayan Astrology.

February 2022 Energies

From 7th February until 6th March we are experiencing Platinum Alchemy Healing ‘Awakening’. As we collectively move through this gateway together we will be called to forgive deeper than we have before and purify our energy bodies, our physical bodies, and emotional and mental bodies, to more fully embrace our next level of conscious evolution. Awakening calls us to see and clear our entities, clean up our life and move into our higher hearts.

As I have been working with the Mayan calendar recently I received a whole new level of information on how Platinum Alchemy Healing sits within the Tzolkin, Mayan Calendar, and supports our personal and collective ascension. This has been exciting for me to understand. Over this year I am working with this information more to see how several esoteric systems fit together to provide a compass and navigation system into the 5th Dimension. If this interests you keep an eye out for my offers coming around this new level of integration.

Week 1.


This is a little late, but it is the main theme of this month. I know if you are in flow you would have been experiencing integrity in your life at one or more levels. You may be questioning the integrity of others or yourself, even those in leadership positions. 

Integrity is a state of wholeness and alignment with the ONE, in which we openly embody the truth of our being. Without this, we cannot live in an ultra greater reality, a 5D state of awareness.

Compromising our integrity is cheating ourselves most of all. This month we are being called to be honest, real, upright, and true with ourselves and with others in everything we do.

Week 2.


This is an ancient legend of a city in Macedonia without a King. (I see this reflective of our current time and the lack of true leadership in our governments).

The Oracle foretold that the next person who arrived in the city square in a wagon would become the new ruler. (Is this a coincidence that we are now having the trucker convoys, the truckers, and millions of humble people struggling to support themselves and families who have converged to the major cities worldwide!)

The legend says, Gordias was the person to arrive in the city square, to commemorate his wild shift or fate. Gordias ties his wagon to two posts in the city’s main square. The knot he used was a complex Turkish knot with no loose ends that was composed of wet bark which shrunk when dried, becoming impossible to undo. The oracle said that the person who could untie the Gordian Knot would rule the world. Over the years many people tried but failed.

Then Alexander the Great heard of this, he made haste to town. With one strong stroke of his sword, he slashed open the Gordian Knot and fulfilled the oracle’s prophecy.

Will all the people protesting for freedom represent an act of Alexander the Great and be able to slash open the Gordian Knot?

I see this ancient legend is reflecting our current times, do you?  

We have the opportunity to think outside the box to come up with a totally original and wildly creative solution to what is holding us back or keeping us from being fully ourselves, and fully free.


The Ultra greater reality is the new reality that is currently being infused into our template of ONENESS, now available in our everyday lives. This infusion in the HERE and NOW is creating the dissolving of all duality.

As we align ourselves with the ONE in full integrity we don’t get hooked back into the illusions of duality. Each one of us has the opportunity to fully anchor ourselves in the new Ultra Greater Reality and create a new world and life. NOW that’s true freedom.

Week 3.


Moving through this cycle over the month you will become subtly or even strongly aware that many of the old roads you have been travelling have come to their end, even when you make your usual responses and actions. Now your actions and responses will take you to new places.

Naturally, the energies that have held us in place are falling away, to an extent that there are the barest threads holding things together. This may feel strange to you, but know that you are now free from the past and even past lives where karma has played out time and time again.

This is indicating a true shift in frequency for all, as timelines are shifting easily. At this time it is very important to be very conscious of all our reactions and actions and prevent falling into unconscious automatic ways of doing things.

Watch and be open to the new experiences that present themselves for new pathways of growth and expansion.

Week 4.


There is a sleeping giant within us, it has been laying dormant for eons, you may have forgotten that this giant ever existed. Because this giant has not moved for so long, it might seem as though it’s a mountain or a mound that you have been trying to get over. Instead of trying to get over this mountain, it’s time to integrate this giant within you.

You have forgotten, but very slowly this giant will begin to move… and as it does something will stir deep within you.

You are on the precipice awakening deeper and remembering just how amazing and powerful, vast and magnificent you really are!