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The Initiation Structure

The Initiations 1 to 12

Activate and embodying the state of unconditional love also known as Christ consciousness. Many people on the planet have this energy activated and are moving way beyond this level.

Initiations 13 to 16

Transcending Fear – these initiations are tied up with letting go of fear based belief systems, which cause unconscious acts based around subconscious fears and phobias. Many people needing to move onto a spiritual path get caught up in this level often too fearful and frozen to move from the past or they may move into a religion to feel safe. Professional help is needed here for the soul to continue to evolve.

Initiations 17 to 108

Attaining non-attachment to move toward 5th dimensional awareness – this series of initiations can last for a while and be challenging for many as they need to move beyond those things that keep them attached to physical objects, work or careers and even relationships which no longer serve their soul purpose. To fully move through this group of initiations professional help is also recommended and often needed.

Initiations 109 to 1024

Attaining Liberation – when you move into this space, you are moving toward the home run and know that you cannot go back. You may want to stop and rest for a while with your spiritual program but your soul manages to communicate to you and move you ever more forward toward Bodhisattva where your soul can start to fully embody your physical vehicle and begin to do the work it came to earth to do.

Initiations 1024 to 5024

Attaining compassion and Bodhisattva consciousness – This area is where many healers are and those people who are consciously working towards their life purpose. It can be a little tricky at times because once your birth soul has fully integrated you can also begin to integrate more souls or lets say become a channel of information. Because your energy field has become very large you have easy access to akashic records and higher light consciousness. During this time it can be tricky because you can still get caught up in the concept of illusion if you are integrating a second soul or have aspects of yourself that still need to be integrated. Often clearing and integration may need to continue all the way back to the early initiations from 1 to 12 as the new soul gets a feel of how to operate in its new body and processes its karma. This is definitely a time where you may need to be supported by others who have walked the path before you.

Associated with each initiation there are the archetypes and many chakras to consider,  you can begin to see how complex you are with the many layers your soul extends to and through. To make things easy the Platinum Elohim have provided an easy way to map each persons personal evolution along with 12 product ranges (Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines) which address healing via purification of the emotions, beliefs (archetypes) and thoughts which keep us held within the illusion of lower dimensions.

Above and beyond the 5024 DNA light consciousness with the help of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System this allows us to see exactly where there is a blockage and provide the best guidance or healing to clear the ancestral blockages which block our lifeforce. Blockages that we can experience are often connected to the ancestral path we have chosen to evolve through, so using this system allows healing to occur in the following way

  • from above downwards – so you learn about your connection to soul
  • from inside to outwards – uncovering the deeply held emotions that block your lifeforce, so mental adjustments can occur so things start to flow your way.
  • from more important to less important – the area of most damage becomes addressed first for essential healing, if it is physical support you need we start here with Detoxification, Herbal, Nutritional and Energy Medicines
  • from most recent to more distant unresolved problems – that which is most conscious is addressed, once balanced, deeper blocks can be accessed and transformed.

When you understand how your source light flows and manifests into the lower worlds through your physical body you can be fully integrated to live your personal truth and create the life you want.

No matter where you currently reside on the Platinum Alchemy Light Consciousness Scale, the aim is to be fully aware of your soul’s light and continue to work toward that level, and then toward the next level. This will provide the highest possible evolution available to you supporting your soul source light full integration.


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