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Electromagnetic Sensitivity

EMF's, WiFi & 5G Background Radiation

ARE THEY THE real cause to your health problems?

Hello I'm Kim ​

kim lansdowne-Walker 'Ohlara'

As an ex-nurse and natural health practitioner for over 40yrs, I am deeply concerned with the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation which we are exposed to in our day to day life.

In 2018 I learnt that the complex health conditions which I was experiencing were connected to WiFi, radiation and EMFs.

These created digestive disturbances and weight gain contributed to a leaky gut and affected my cardiovascular system with high blood pressure and heart palpitations. I also experienced nervous system disruptions from anxiety, constant skull-crushing headaches, aching teeth, metallic taste, earaches and ringing in the ears, my kidneys were stressed with adrenal fatigue and I had a level of exhaustion that would not leave. My skin had a rash that took months to leave and heal and I felt like I was being cooked from the inside out.

After attending a local Stop 5G meeting things soon became clear as I learnt that almost all my symptoms were connected to low-level radiation and electromagnetic sensitivity to WIFI. I was what you might call a Canary! This was amplified by the effects of radiation from flying because during the  year I had taken 16 flights in total due to work and study commitments.

Over  18 months, I  treated myself studied everything I could get my hands on and learnt how to create new health strategies which have enabled me to move forward with my health and life.

I am learning to live in a high tech world as a super sensitive person. 

I provide health support for sensitive people using tools & techniques that I know work.


Have you ever wondered if EMFs, Wifi, 5G radiation could be affecting your health?


I encourage you to watch this Documentary which was presented by ABC catalyst reporter Dr. Maryanne Demasi who was suspended after reporting on the health effects of EMFs, low-level radiation, and WiFi health risks.

This is a controversial topic with the rollout of 5G.  If you have a chronic health condition, have children, or are concerned about your health, please familiarise yourself with this documentary.

If you would like to know what you can do to protect yourself, I invite you to contact me for a discovery call and I can share more with you.

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I can share how I can support you with simple health strategies to regain your health.