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Your body, mind & spirit, TEMPLE

Message from the 12 Platinum Elohim

Your body, mind & spirit, TEMPLE

received 3rd July 2010 Through Kim Lansdowne-Walker “Ohlara”

mind, body, spirit templeGreetings Dearest

We bring you great love and compassion at this time of your planetary transition of restoration and purification. This process is very much underway now in your time period and this is creating much confusion and conflict for many on the earth planes at this time.

We come to you today to share some simple information so you may open your hearts wider then ever before.

These times on your planet earth are very volatile now, as the energies of the separation soon to come, are resonating on the spheres of consciousness that surround each one of you. This is creating so much confusion in many areas of your lives.

Those of you who are sensitive’s maybe finding these energies sometimes physically excruciating, and hard to bear at times, as the body physical has to undergo so much cellular transformation to shift into the new crystalline state. Many of you will not appreciated what is at hand as we deliver these words to you, however, there is much at stake within your own personal health if you are going to be able to move through the greatest awakening and shifting process, ever to be experienced by volunteering souls, since the transition from source to the initial descent on the earth planes from the  Lemurian era.

As your body is transmuting you may be feeling many strange symptoms, occurring in your cellular structures and energy pathways. It is extremely important to listen to the changes and self test what you need to do, or how you need to treat yourself.

Our channel has undergone much cellular transformation since working with us and continues to do so, up until several years ago these transformational body symptoms would have been seen as disease states, and most would go into fear, then allow themselves to be treated by those who knew nothing about your dna cellular and crystalline transformation process of ascension, allowing you to fall deeper into separation. We are warning you of this process and wish to help you with this.

Both your physical bodies and your surroundings are feeling the chaos and acceleration of energies at a very rapid rate and you may be feeling this in your bodies and your cells through physical discomfort, strange flu symptoms, energy weakness, lethargy and so on. As mentioned earlier when the earth mother has a shift or is preparing to shift you may also be feeling this in your bodies, emotions, and even your mind.

So much energy has been given to the recent environmental disasters from those both awake and asleep. This process is now out of control and due to this we are asking you to stay focused within your own environments and stay tuned into your bodies. As the body of the earth mother your planet has now been injured beyond repair, raped, abused and tortured you are going to feel this within yourself if you are very sensitive to the earth mother.

This pain that you feel and are experiencing has to do with the karma you have agreed to clear in this life time Now the times of great cleansing are upon you.

There is now no time to look without and try to repair and fix all that has been damaged. It is now truly time to transform the inner self and fully heal the distortions which have been created from lifetimes of abuse and human suffering over many cycles of greed and hunger for power.

The earth mother, your now home planet who has sustained you in physical form will now honor herself and create the healing and full transformation that she needs to move into her next stage of evolution.

You cannot help her with this, you can only help yourself. This message that we bring forth is to help you to understand that now is the time to fully focus on your own paths and your return journey to source.

The way that you will find the love and healing, support and compassion that each one of you truly needs at this time is to take the time to do this within yourself.

Those who are in power have already lost their right to govern and make decisions for your people, this will become evident.

We ask you at this time to go deep within yourself and heal the separation that exists within your soul and your lineage. This is the way that you can help the earth and all others. You are required to lighten your load, use your consciousness to love and honour yourself and as you do this you will find your deepest love and healing. The longing that you have always wanted is there, within you. The separation or the rights of others that you are fighting for is actually a source of separation within you, so its time to heal this torture within yourselves.

There are so many that are ready to help others do this, however the problem at this time on the earth mother, is those who are in power are preventing this from fully occurring. They prefer to keep you in darkness so they can continue to control you.

Without going into their split aspects of consciousness, we ask you to fully resolve your separation in the first instance, and then those that you encounter will receive the truth and the light that is there for them.

Due to the instability of the tectonic plates, this will continue to worsen from your perspective, you will begin to experience many shifts within your physicality and we do not want you to automatically assume you are dying of a disease. What you are really experiencing is the pain of the earth mother and the blockages reflected within your energetic structure, because you are connected to the dying energetic grid system of the earth mother.

Until you clear and fully realign with the new energetic grid structure you will continue to feel all the shifting and throwing off as she purify’s herself, supporting your return to one.

So what can you expect?

As your earth mother moves you will also feel her pain and sharpness through the various energy pathways called meridians which run through your bodies. If your chakras energies are not continually clearing you will find you will experience so much more discomfort. in your physical body.

This will be from aches and pains, to upsets in your organs. Genetic miasms will be activated and push many into disease states. We suggest that the best way for you to help yourself is to move deeper into your love and passion for yourself, those who learn to fully honour and love themselves will have less discomfort with the ongoing changes.

So how do I do this, you may ask?

Simply by listening to your heart, and following the guidance that you are given. The shifting of the earth mother is bought about because the pain and suffering that has occurred needs to be fully released. So that means you are undergoing the same process, the pain and suffering that you or your genetic lines have endured is also being released to support the new alignments of the earth . If you do not align with the new grids and energies through clearing your genetic memory and all pain or suffering you will no longer find is easy to live on the earth plane.

There are many therapies to use to help you with this and many useful tools.

Over the past 14 of your earth years we have been working with our channel to bring together an energetic healing system of cleansing, rejuvenation and purification that can assist many in a most nurturing way as you move through these times.

It is our wish that you do not suffer unnecessarily through the earth mothers shift so from our knowing your DNA and individual makeups we have given special healing and awakening formulas to our channel and have directed the healing and development process over the past 14 years with her.

Because of the sensitivity of this information at this time we have asked her to present this knowledge through the Divine Feminine Lemurian Priestess Program. We know that those who are truly interested must work to honour themselves and learn how to do this for themselves before they can help others at this time. If you are resonating with this information we ask you to contact our channel to help you learn more of our combined work.

To help you best at this time we advise you to seek out the art of purification and detoxification to help with any problems that you may currently be experiencing. The purification process supports the cleansing of cellular structures and the memory held within the cells. This can be an uncomfortable process if not approached in a loving supporting way. So we recommend that you listen to your guidance and follow your heart in this process. Seeking out experienced healers who have used gentle forms of detoxification to support the healing processes, these healers will be of much help to you for guidance and support.

One of the biggest problems you face at this time is being able to eliminate and detoxify fast enough to prevent a build up of toxins at the cellular level, which can eventually cause organ dysfunction. We recommend the use of essential oils, clays, herbs and essences, along with safe methods of detoxification which have been given to you from the earth mother.

Apart from this process it is suggested that you use therapies available that open up the chakra pathways, and open the meridian energy pathways, you also need to find a way to keep these open to help stay in the free flow of energies which become more available to you.

You will however need to complete deeper inner work to fully align with the new energies of the earth mother. For once she takes on her new vibration fully and you are not of that same frequency she will not allow you to engage or enter into her field as it will be shut down from the lower vibrations of duality.

We bring you this information to help you understand what is occurring on the earth mother at this time and what your true responsibility is to help yourselves. If you think you can have control over the earth mother, you have allowed your vibration and your personality to become split. We share this with you so you can help yourself and begin or continue your ascent with the earth mother if you wish to do so. You have free will in this matter. Save your energy for yourself for the healing that is needed within at this time.

It s time to do the work within yourselves, heal and support your direct family and kin and prepare for the greater shifting of the earth mother. Move into your groups and families, so you can support each other, have patience and compassion for those who are lost and help them to realign with love and a pure heart to reconnect to the ascending grid of the earth mother.

We bless you more than we know how, It is our wish that you open deeper into your heart more than you know how, and know that you are truly honoured at this time, your courage is being rewarded, you will see when you enter the new world.


The Platinum Elohim Collective

Through Kim Lansdowne-Walker “Ohlara Taja”

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