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8 messages for light leaders

The collective council of the governing committee for earth’s ascension through Ohlara

7th August 2022

We are a united and selected interplanetary star race species who hold your next steps in the palms of our hands for deep care. We are walking with your light leaders, light workers, and you can also know some as the white hats.

These times that are upon you are the most miraculous times. You have so much opportunity before you, that is to evolve into the next levels of evolution for yourself as an individual soul.

Nothing like this has ever been seen in the evolution of a species or humanity.

1. Abandonment of Humanity

It is true that you were abandoned by your homes in the stars, it is also true that you are now having the opportunity to rise back into the light that you are and were before entering your physical body.

Many of you have come forth into the earth planes to support and shine your light into the density, so many humans can wake up. This is a very special job that requires much of your life and personal commitment, even the surrender of most things in life that you thought you really were.

2. New Parents and New Children

Those who have and are new birthers bringing in new souls will have children who are the new leaders of the new world. Share your love with so much light with these young ones. They like you have come into the earth in its fullest and darkest time of density. You have been chosen by them as their guide and mentor until they are learned and strong enough to do so for themselves. 

Importance of of specialized care

Most importantly listen intently to them and spend much of your time with them developing nourishing and deeply nurturing relationships based on love. Love is experienced in a different way on thier star home from what they can receive on earth. There is a lot of learning to do in this space for both caregivers and new children. Patience, compassion, and understanding are key to delivering the best outcome for all.

They are not used to the density of the earth, being sent forth to create a new world based is thier purpose. Based on their wisdom and understanding of humility, compassion, and non-conditional love. 

You who have been selected to birth the new children have a very special job entrusted in you. You have been chosen to support the new human DNA. The DNA is a blueprint for the new earth and how it will evolve to support those incoming and outgoing souls.

You who are involved with the new children are required to listen to them so they can be fully heard. Holding the new human DNA and keeping it pure is a dynamic partnership. They are required to activate this in the years ahead. Caring for these children you are also entrusted to hold the future of Earth.

New Earth Blueprint

DNA is a coded system, a blueprint for what is to come and the direction of how it will do that. The new children have that encoded within them. With love, compassion, nurturing, and creative exploration will keep these encodings safe until they are ready to be activated and awakened.

The new DNA blueprint must not be corrupted by toxicity now resides on earth. If you are a guide and mentor of the new children your responsibility is to protect them from the toxicity for as long as you can, so they will have the fullest and strongest opportunity to live and breathe the new DNA codes into the New World.

3. Destruction of DNA

Your current DNA is breaking down, being pulled apart allowing distortions and unconscious fracturing of DNA. This is occurring rapidly with the ionizing radiation that is enveloping the earth. This will continue to pose a problem until humanity awakens to the destructive effects upon their DNA. This technology has been created with many errors and does not support the existing earth humans, problems will arise from this.

As the earth continues to ascend the new children will have and bring in the solutions of how to repair the corrupted human DNA.

4. Destination Earth

Your planet is moving into light and it will become a conscious playground for greater interplanetary species and humans. This will be a place where both shall live in harmony.

A gateway planet and home to many star families who pass through the milky way on their journey outbound and homebound from their own homes.

If you will, it will be a holiday type of destination for the many star systems and travelers. – Yes! We all enjoy a break from the grind and there is much beauty to explore on earth for humans and all space travelers like no other planet.

5. Called Home

Many of you and your loved ones in the coming years will be called back to your original homes, this is an ascension opportunity that has never been available to humanity. This will occur because you no longer have the correct DNA blueprint to withstand the shifts that are rapidly occurring. 

It takes an open mind and evolved compassionate heart to understand what is real and what has been held in place as an illusion for many thousands of years. Conscious healing and ascension tools will be available to all humanity as this transition takes place.

6. PTSD and Karma

The stories that have held you on the earth dimensions are being imploded as the earth moves into higher consciousness. This is why so many of you feel like you are constantly experiencing PTSD. – The shock in previous timelines energetically held within your cellular memory is being retriggered as memories and fears resurface from many thousands of years of life cycles and repression are unraveling which were locked in timelines. This is true Karmic clearing.

As the timelines unravel and dissolve so must the information held within them come into the light to be seen for what it is and integrated consciously by each human. This is why you have been called to be transparent, lies will be seen for what they truly are. Fear hiding itself.

There will eventually be no records maintained in darkness, for this will create corruption in the new DNA of Earth. This can now occur fully, as the councils of the governing committee of star races are now in control of the full ascension of earth.

7. Old to New Leadership

You will continue to see the fall of many leaders and deeper energy corruption that will be exposed in a way that your current leaders will be taken down by more shameful experiences – 

This is the way that you are ascending through the denseness and all the way through these next years until all are released and exposed, life for you will remain in turmoil to some degree for many humans.

8. On Path

It is with the greatest excitement that we can say you are on track to receive the gift of going home to your original home in the stars. This will occur faster for some of you – for it to occur you are being called to more fully understand your personal energetic pathways at levels you have never understood or known about before.

This will be shown to you in the days ahead – so simple knowing and powerfully awakening as you will have an opportunity to move from one level of consciousness into another very rapidly and very consciously through the process. 

This will allow those on earth to consciously move back to their original star homes and unite with their original families so the veils which have held you in separation will be finally released.

This will be available to all on earth and it will be a highly recommended path to take – the experience will be profound for each Soul. Your separation from your homes will finally be unraveled and the many corridors and tunnels that have trapped you each life cycle of incarnation are continuing to fall away rapidly –

The final details are being completed and will be available in the next cycle of time.

The collective council of the governing committee for earth’s ascension.

Please share with your communities.

Received through Ohlara Amohba Taja Suvenit

Aka Kim Lansdowne-Walker

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