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The Platinum Alchemy Higher Chakras

What Are Higher Chakras?

In the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System, we use the higher chakras as well as the lower chakras to read your energy during a health or spiritual assessment and reading.

Over the many years of development of Platinum Alchemy, I have observed how the energy system is much more connected to our cosmic intelligence and a conscious interconnected web that affects everything and everyone within that energetic web. To fully see and find a core block for healing and personal transformation it has been essential to explore the higher chakra system.

To integrate your light body and soul memory through many levels we clear and open the higher chakras to allow proper integration into the lower chakra levels and open the lower levels so the higher light can flow through into your physical life.

Platinum Alchemy is a spiritual science map of soul ascension and evolution

Over 27 years of research and development I have seen the higher chakras as essential portals to the multidimensional aspects of ourselves. Understanding the science and soul ascension map of evolution allows healers to provide very specific support and help for their clients. For example. When working with healers that do not know this information your treatments may act as a bandaid and cover up what the real issue is.

When a healer finds a blocked crown chakra they might open it for you but in a few weeks or months, you will find that it is closed again. The reason for this is that the real problem may be in one of the chakras that your healer does not know about, so they are not able to access the real block. Experiencing treatments this way can be frustrating because you can feel that you spend most of your time seeing different healers stuck on a roundabout.

Imagine if your crown chakra is blocked, (I use the term portal interchangeably with chakra), but the problem is actually in one or more of these chakra/portals, the Earth Crystal portal, Earth Star portal, Link portal, Thymus portal, Right frontal portal, Left Frontal portal, Soul Essence Anchor portal, Soul Star portal, Golden Solar portal, Star Activator portal, or other higher chakras/portals. This is often the case when I run energy assessments on clients.

If you are working with a healer who does not understand this up-to-date information, you may be wasting a lot of your hard-earned $$$.

Higher Chakra Healing = Rapid Increase in Frequency

If an energy block is in a higher chakra, this will need to be cleared for your life force to flow into the lower levels of your energy system to properly heal aspects of consciousness or even the physical body.

The higher chakras provide much more information, light and specifics on where a blockage may be, leading to true enlightenment and healing.

The Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system is unique in this way working with the higher chakras/portals to access and read core energy imbalances so the cause of an imbalance or health condition can be fully healed and processed.

The higher chakras have special functions and work to modulate energies in and out of the higher and lower spiritual and energy bodies enabling the light body to anchor properly. If we can locate the blockages within these higher chakras we can truly get to the core of the blockage and work to clear it at its highest level according to the soul’s need at the time. This is the ultimate in natural energetic healing, to be able to see and clear blocked energies to the core.

Finding a healer suited to you

Natural Energetic Healers in the 21st century may be challenged by this because it is not taught in their training programs. What is taught in most training programs are outdated energy healing sciences and the techniques and tools to shift an energy block. Without understanding the evolutionary science behind healing and ascension the treatment simply becomes a bandaid. This is not true healing or ascension evolution because tools and products are available to everyone. When you are looking for a healer, check to see that they themselves are on a path of personal evolution and that they are working on themselves to continuously evolve. Also, listen to your own inner guidance and feel what feels aligned for you. This way you will find the best healer for you.

In the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, once a blockage is located it can be consciously cleared and bought into balance, this may take longer than you actually thought. Energy flows through many dimensions and is affected by the collective hive mind group consciousness. If a healer understands they can then know what tools to use to support the healing or clearing process. The closest therapy to Platinum Alchemy would be Kinesiology and Ayurveda, this would still be limited compared to the healing techniques of Platinum Alchemy.

Choosing Oneness

Wholistic Healing and Ascension/Evolution are connected to becoming conscious of every aspect of your life, and how you create consciously and unconsciously. When you can remain fully conscious of your actions by mindfulness, you are in a space of Oneness, which will encompass surrender, personal control and empowerment, ‘Pure Balance’. At the same time, opening yourself up to the potential of an infinite amount of creative source energy.

You Are Light!

You ARE the light of creation and you hold the God/Goddess essence in every part of your being, and this is what we are doing as we work with you, support your release from darkness and bring you into alignment with your truth and Oneness.

In my experience over the past 27 years developing Platinum Alchemy, it has been essential to work with the higher chakras to bring about permanent positive transformation and healing. The new earth frequencies require us to acquire full access to both our lower and higher dimensional source energies to consciously exist into the golden age.

Working with the 7-chakra system will bring some relief but it will not be permanent. You could say that as a species we are evolving way beyond the 7 chakras. Your job is to keep your lower chakras open and clear and let your healer support you as you require to find the blocks in the higher chakras.

How you can Help Yourself – Ways to Keep your Lower Chakras Clear and Open

In 1995 I was guided by my light team, the Platinum Angels and Arcturian Healers to begin developing chakra evolutionary and ascension support products. This was the beginning of Platinum Alchemy and then Pure Balance in 1999.

You can support yourself with self-care and daily ritual practices. Pure Balance products were developed for this. They are powerful organic plant-based potions that work amazingly fast to clear day-to-day stresses and toxic environmental residues from your energy system that block your light.

The CHAKRA EVOLUTION RANGE is a beautiful powerful range that will clear your lower chakras and help you work through some of the issues that many of us are experiencing.

You can see the full range here.

To receive your own personal energy assessment

If you would like my assistance to look at your energetic system you can book a PSYCHIC READING, PLATINUM HEALTH CONSULTATION or PLATINUM ALCHEMY ASKASHIC SOUL ASCENSION READING