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How do Chakras become Blocked

How Do Our Chakras Become Blocked?

Chakra Evolution Yoga and Meditation teacher trainingYour chakras are very sensitive to cosmic and earthly vibrations in your environment, along with the impressions received from people you socialize with or in your immediate environment.

Chakras respond to what is happening to you on many levels of your energy system. Lets take a quick look at 4 basic levels.

√ Your physical body level – chakras are greatly affected by physical trauma, disease processes or illness.  You can even get a disease or illness because of your chakra imbalances.

√ Your emotional body level – chakras are strongly affected by your feelings, thoughts, and your responses to other peoples feelings and thoughts. If these are not in alignment with your mental or spiritual body, there can be major emotional imbalances.

√ Your mental body level – chakras are even more strongly affected by your  beliefs, values, and attitudes that you have and those handed down from your family, loved ones and even ancestors.

√ Your spiritual body level – chakas and karmic energies come into play on these levels.  Your soul – higher source self knows what it needs to regain balance, also at this level karmic influences may have an effect on your souls experiences. This can be termed an initiation or life lesson which your soul wishes to learn in your  current life.

Throughout my 30 yr career as an energy healer | medical intuitive | psychotherapist,  I have discovered some amazing occurrences and provided revelations to many clients based on their chakra system. This is why I believe Chakras to be an extremely important diagnostic tool when it comes to any illness or life imbalance, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Working to understand your chakras is an empowering and enlightening healing experience.

Chakras usually tend to become blocked from the higher levels (Karmic patterns) and lastly on the lower physical level, a physical trauma can also create an imbalance from the physical level to higher levels.

♦ Chakras can often be blocked during fetal growth, (as the fetus is sensitive to external and internal energies affecting the mother) the birthing process (where there has been difficulty with the birth or much fear is experienced in the process of birth) and more often as part of one’s karmic experience or life lessons.

♦ Karmic blockages assist the individual soul to develop or evolve to a higher level of consciousness in ones life dance. Many of us have blockages on the higher spiritual levels and are never aware of them because they may not present themselves until a later stage of our life (these are weaknesses in the body and can be picked up also through iris diagnosis, and miasms, which show our constitutional genetic makeup).

♦ Blockages in the subtle energy system can also be related to genetic DNA tendencies or illness held in ones family lineage, (behaviors, addictions, emotional, physical disease, or even mental illness), once cleared and integrated through the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, this can support a person and even clear the whole family karma even curses in the lineage.

♦ Blockages can also be created through strong emotional or psychological experiences which an individual has experienced or been exposed to, such as an event during childhood, adolescence and adult life.

♦ Surgery, electric shock treatment, drug use (both prescription and recreational), accidents and childhood illness can also create shock to the energy system, shattering the aura, or creating tears in the etheric body and the grid systems, resulting in entity attachments, blockages and distortions in the chakras and various energy bodies.

At this point in time we are not taught to think of our energy system or how to observe it, measure it, heal it or even maintain it. If we can learn to become accustomed to look after our subtle energy system like our homes, cars or other prized possessions we could transmute and deter many illnesses, emotional or mental problems before they arise.

A preventative Chakra Health Check and balancing treatment can prevent many of these problems from occurring.

During your course of treatments at Pure Balance you will be taught how to look after your energy system and keep it clear.

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