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Spiritual Health Check with Ohlara

Thank you for joining me.

Here is some information about my ‘Spiritual Health Check’ and programs that might help you understand the PureBalance® Platinum Alchemy approach to wellness, health and healing.

Let me explain some essential information about our programs to help you understand how they were obtained and how they work.

A personal ‘Spiritual Health Check’ is a medical intuitive assessment which I have developed progressively over 18 years as guided by the Arcturian Councils of light and developed into the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system. It is designed to transform karmic unconscious energies blocking your light consciousness and well being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

You may have tried many other types of healing before visiting me and now you have been guided to this new form of healing to bring personal awakening, growth and joy into your life as you learn to listen to the deeper truth of your soul.

The aim of a program is to consciously awaken you in the most positive and nurturing way, reconnecting you to your personal enlightenment potential in this life and support deeper healing and personal evolution towards clearing the way for your spiritual gifts and life purpose to shine through.

Whether you are desiring to achieve personal healing of the physical body, the balance of the emotions, the awakening of the mind or reconnection to your spirit, my process of healing, coaching, and counselling is the same.

I create ‘Spiritual Health Checks and personalized programs by connecting to my Angelic guidance and listening to the messages received from your soul blueprint (Higher Self) and Akashic records. This is where all things are known and understood about your personal evolution and your spiritual and physical evolving self. At this level of awareness, I directly sense your past, present and your future along with the blockages, which prevent you from stepping into your truth and joy.

Your ‘Spiritual Health Check’ report is received by connecting to your soul’s wisdom and understanding the karma which you have embodied in this life, a result from past lives and incarnations that you have directly experienced within the many universes of God/Goddess all that is. The memory of your ancestors, held within your DNA and family genetics can also be remembered and embodied in each cycle of your incarnation. Your family lineage karmic memory can create a memory of experiences that have or have not been directly connected to your personal life during your current embodiment.

As I obtain a combination of this information it shows you are a truly unique individual. It also allows you to begin to understand your connectedness with God/Goddess/All that is, the universal life force and how your life experiences have played out. This in-depth ‘Spiritual Health Check’ provides an opportunity for you to grow and evolve personally through all levels of your life, ultimately assisting you to better understand yourself, your needs, and desires which combine to make you the beautiful radiant and god/goddess individual that you are.

You will come to learn that the area’s in your chakras that are closed or blocked prevent your life force (consciousness) from flowing and are seen as opportunities or gifts awaiting awakening to support your deeper transformation, leading you to enlightenment and Oneness. Once these energies or memories are cleared or released, you are then free to heal on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Why is blocked energy a problem?

  • Blocked energy prevents the life force (God/Goddess consciousness) from flowing freely into your life.
  • Blocked energy supports and creates a shattered and dysfunctional aura, which continually depletes your core life force energy and allows low energies to attaché to you.
  • Low energy from energy blocks lowers your life force, create drops in consciousness (increases your response to fears) and prevents you from personally evolving to your highest potential.
  • Blocked energy even leads to states of dis-ease..
  • The core of blocked energy is caused by unresolved physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma at any time in your life and even in your genetic lineage.
  • Clearing blockages may seem initially strange or even overwhelming, however, with my professional expert holistic nurturing approach and the Platinum Alchemy Healing System and energy medicines developed especially for this purpose, I will work with you to clear karma, the past or energy blockages to open you to your full potential in a very short time.

How will I benefit from a Spiritual Health Check and healing/coaching sessions?

♦ Each time you experience a session with me, you will move deeper toward Awakening into your truth.

♦ You will gain a deeper, clearer connection to your higher self.

♦ You will develop more trust in yourself, which greatly increases self-confidence.

♦ You will begin to see for yourself how your personal lineage has been affecting you in an unconscious life.

♦ Understand how your chakras and subconscious affects you.

♦ Learn self-care and how to clear your personal energy system to maintain your health and wellbeing.

♦ Understand how to act on energy management in your life.

♦ You will learn how to best care for yourself as you learn to walk your path of Truth, Love, Honour and Empowerment learning to live on the earth in Pure Balance.

♦ You will naturally be able to assist and understand others in your life by your increased awareness and vibration.

♦ If you are a healer, coach or therapist you will be able to work much more effectively with your clients and they will experience profound benefits from your personal sessions with me.

Congratulations on seeking your truth, I look forward to assisting you along your journey towards Oneness.


Amohba Ohlara Taja ‘Kim Lansdowne-Walker’